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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Trump Russia Doctrine-- A Reminder

by Noah In light of Trump spending so much time trying to cover his own tracks over the last few days, I thought I'd just offer a brief and partial visual refresher that includes Putin and his trained chimp. It's all backed up by video you can easily find of course. Funny how politicians still haven't gotten used to the idea that their words are recorded and very often available just by going to places like youtube or simply googling. They are slow in every way. You said what you said, Donnie Traitor. There's no taking it back. Same for all your Republican minions, not to mention a lot of others. Fuck the lot of you with a jack hammer. If that's not to your liking, I'd like to offer my patented power drill scalp massage. Your choice! A Special Part Two For Today! I'm not much for watching State Of The Union speeches and Tuesday was no exception. But, I'm a born channel surfer and I do check in periodically for a few seconds 3 or 4 times just to get a sense of the room. For this year, I first caught the predictable over the top racist republican booing when the president mentioned immigration. I also noticed that lots of repugs were nowhere to be found, including Marco Rubio who I assume was out walking the neighboring streets raising "campaign contributions." Next, I witnessed the heckling from House Minority Leader Kevin Q. McCarthy's two designated Republican cretins named Boebert and Traitor Greene as President Biden mentioned the deaths of his son and other military personnel; always classy those repugs! The third time, I saw "Ted" Cruz apparently napping or maybe just daydreaming about Cancun. The last drop-in, however, was extra special. As the president talked about lowering prescription drug costs, there sat the insipidly duplicitous Susan Collins reacting with dismissive laughter at the idea; a real "let them eat cake" moment. I'd seen enough at that point and went back to watching "Horror Of Dracula" (Hammer Films, 1958) Knowing what I'd seen of the SOTU in just a few seconds, not even a minute of total time, I did wonder what I might have missed. I have no doubt, though, that seeing so many bloodsucking members of both houses of Congress assembled in one room at the same time was much more scary than Christopher Lee's Count Dracula with his bloodthirsty fangs.



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