• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Trickle Down Con

by Noah

Tonight's meme reminds me of more than how much of a con "Trickle Down Economics" is. It shows me how completely evil the entire Reagan administration was and how the effects of its policies are still adversely affecting us today. Until Trump came along, you could make the case that Reagan was the worst president this country has ever afflicted itself with, even worse than George W. Bush or James Buchanan and that's really sayin' something.

Anyway, intelligent Americans saw the obvious con and the pitfalls of Reagan's "Trickle Down Economics" beforehand but, as always, there weren't enough intelligent Americans around in 1980. The victims even cheered and eagerly voted Reagan to a second term.

Aided by things like a propagandistic media and education policies designed to deliberately make our schools fail, that crisis of stupidity has only worsened in the intervening decades. In 2017, Trump and his congressional doppelganger Paul Ryan (a lunatic in his own right) doubled down on the Republican Party's attack on our economy and gave us the Trump-Ryan Tax Scam Of 2017. Since then, they have called for even more tax cuts for the wealthy, especially their donors who will kick back some of the congressional largess to their campaign coffers and elsewhere. At every turn, the victims cheered.

Tonight's meme also reminds me of something else. It reminds me of how evil Reagan was when he insisted the Challenger Space Shuttle be launched in adverse weather conditions just so he could attempt to bask in its glory during his State Of The Union speech originally scheduled for that night. After that disaster of his making, Reagan postponed his speech for a week. He then gave the speech and began it by using the horrific results of his ego as a prop for his own glorification. To this day, Republicans worship Reagan like they worship Trump. They are a Death Cult.