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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Traitorous Psychosis Of The Republican Mind

by Noah

You know those Republicans you're acquainted with that you might naively or foolishly think are somehow decent people? They aren't. Not a chance. Every poll, including their own Republican primary vote totals add up to the fact that Republicans are happy to continue to vote for their beloved traitorous Dear Leader who has presented these attributes to his 74,000,000+ fans. You wonder why they love him so? Try this for starters, just for starters. And be happy you're smart not to consider injecting bleach or consider shoving a lightbulb up your ass.

1. He's a proven racist who refused to rent to black and brown New Yorkers as far back as the early 1970s and then doubled down on his racism by calling for the execution of the defendants in the infamous Central Park Five case in 1989. He did it with multiple full page newspaper ads before there was even a trial and then tripled down on his racism even after the defendants were cleared several years later and still does today. Republican voters said yes to all this with their votes twice. It wasn't a problem for them in either 2016 or 2020 and it isn't now. The only thing you can say about this is that, ok, Dear Leader is, for now, getting smaller percentages of the primary vote totals than the #1 choice of the party should but that's only because his main competition, Nikkki 3Ks Haley is getting a lot of pro-racism votes by pretending to be a "kinder-gentler" racist.

2. He openly called for Russian assistance on national TV during his 2016 campaign for president and they got right to it. He also had his campaign meet with Russians at Trump Tower for the same purpose. Yes, his request was illegal and yes, he has not been put on trial for it. Oh and, two other words- Paul Manafort. Republican voters also said yes to all this with their votes twice and no doubt will again. 

3. The Republican Dear Leader tried to end what's left of our democracy by mapping out and attempting the violent overthrow of our elected government by sending his cult of red-hatted cop killers to do the job on January 6, 2021. We've been programmed to refer to the events of that day as an insurrection or merely a "riot" but a violent attempted overthrow is what it was, nothing less. Republican voters still say, "That's our guy!" Dear Leader and his cohorts openly say they'll try it again if he isn't installed in the White House in January of 2025. Yep! That's some sweet, sweet music music to Repug ears!


4. Dear Leader's psychopathology and total disregard for American lives led to him a path of willfully ignoring the threat of COVID-19, a deliberate choice that resulted in up to 40% more deaths than could reasonably have been expected. Oh well, looks like thousands of anti-mask and anti-vax voters will have a little trouble getting to the polls this time, just like in the 2022 midterms when vote totals in several Repug majority precincts were down due to voters being down for the count, real permanent like! Sad. Damn, and they say dead people can still vote. Well, prime republican luminary Rudy Giuliani does.

5. Dear Leader was tried for his attack on E. Jean Carroll and found guilty of rape. The polls and primary vote totals show that this is no problem for republican voters! He may be a rapist but, for red-hatted rape fans, he's their rapist all the way! "He speaks his mind and he does what he wants! Freedom!!!" Can't wait to see who his next VP selection is! Obviously, republican voters would vote for a modern day Ted Bundy, if ever given the chance. They'll claim they'll vote for the ticket because Trump will "put those LGBTQ freaks in their place" or he'll "fix the deficit" even though his party always blows it up, up, up. Meanwhile, in their sick heads, "Mexicans are rapists, that's bad and Trump is a rapist, that's cool. He's my guy."


6. The Orange Menace has perhaps the longest rap sheet of fraud crimes that anyone has ever seen and yet Republicans seem to applaud him for it. "He's got my vote because he's a great businessman!!!"

If any of us had done what Trump has done, we would either already be in jail for any one of a long and growing list of things or we'd have been arrested and executed for treason long ago. Hell, if any other candidate for president had had 5 kids with 3 wives and who knows how many more, no one except the Sean Hannity buffoon types would speak of him as presidential material. Just imagine if Trump wasn't white (See tomorrow's post)! He would have been dragged through the streets. There's all of this and more, all true, and yet tens of millions, perhaps most of his previous 74,000,000 voters will vote for him again. In other words, they are just fine with who and what he is which tells us all who and what they are. And our so-called legal system shrugs. Us? We sleep the sleep of tolerance.

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Feb 29

We sleep the sleep of indifference, ignorance and apathy. "We" try to elect democraps who refuse to DO "merrick garland" about any/all of it so they can campaign against the ultimate evil and maybe only lose by a point or so.

1932 and 2008 were analogous inflection points in our history.

In 1932 we did our toggle from conservative (Hoover) to FDR and Democrats because of the Great Depression.

In 2008 we did our toggle from proto-nazi (cheney/w) to obamanation and democraps.

Other than that, NOTHING that happened was the least bit similar.

FDR/Democrats raised taxes on the rich; implemented the "New Deal" which put people to work (paid wages) and built massive infrastructure used by americans ever since; won…

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