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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Simplicity Of Mitch McConnell

by Noah

Whether it's abortion, vaccination, the post office, voting rights, or anything else, Republican governance is all about creating as much chaos and misery as they possibly can. The latest example is Moscow Mitch's attempt to block the raising of the debt ceiling. Trump, McConnell, FOX "News." the Texas legislature, DeSantis, Alex Jones, Newt Gingrich, Kevin McQarthy- all peas in a rancid pod.

So Moscow Mitch McConnell offered some sort of 3 Card Monte deal on the debt ceiling crisis he spent four years creating. Big effing deal! Let's get real: Moscow Mitch started out by saying to the Democrats that 1) the debt ceiling should be raised, 2) they alone must vote to raise it, and then 3) he blocked their vote. That's pure sadism all the way. Now, what he is doing with his so-called deal proposal is telling us that he'd now rather postpone the decision i.e. infliction of pain until just before Christmas instead of just in time for Halloween which is, no doubt, his favorite holiday. Call it his Ghoul To Grinch Move. It's hard to say which he looks more like anyway.

Democrats, always looking for ways to be dumb or complicit, accepted part of offer, the delay part, but say they won't talk about the demand from Mr. Moscow that the democrats set a future debt limit amount. In short, under the guise of averting the imminent economic catastrophe, the democrats have agreed to kick the can down the road and McConnell has now gained two additional months of brewing, festering economic uncertainty and anxiety as business and job growth could likely stall and then reverse while consumers slow down their holiday spending and keep what money they may have in their pockets for what looks to be an inevitable very, very rainy day if McConnell has even more of his way. That's Washington in action, folks! Death by a thousand nicks and cuts. And, all the better to crash the market, eh Mr. Moscow? McConnell is turning our economy into a veritable house of cards and he's drooling all over himself as he looks at the Ace of Spades that he's placed at the bottom corner closest to his slimy paws and the sadistic gleam radiating from his eyes. Anything else you hear from Moscow Mitch and his political and media apologists is maximum bullshit and distortion.

But, let's just cut even more directly to the chase: The fact is that Moscow Mitch McConnell gets a ton of money for both himself and his $enate minions and morlocks on the Republican side of the aisle from Russian oligarchs. I've covered that before. In Washington, they smugly call such suspect money "campaign contributions." It's also true that Vladimir Putin controls his Russian oligarchs and how much money they get and what they can do with it. In other words, when it comes down to it, Putin has been funnelling money through his oligarch mobsters to the GOP for years. He's not doing it for free. How does a mobster say "I want you to do me a favor" in Russian? All politicians take in bribes, aka those "campaign contributions" from bagman lobbyists. Such "contributions" are the lifeblood of Washington. It has always been so, whether it was 19th century cash from people with names like John D. Rockefeller or J.P. Morgan, people who ran cannonball factories, or plantation owners, or now, Big Pharma and people like Mark Zuckerberg. So, it's basic. Money comes to Moscow Mitch McConnell from Russia. He then sets about the mission of destroying the economy of the United States by blocking attempts to raise the debt ceiling after he and his pal Trump raised the nation's debt to previously unimagined heights. You do the math. Strip all the meaningless words and bullshit posturing away and the bottomline result is what's left. It's money in. Services rendered. The time delay in Moscow Mitch's offer of a deal that, at the bottom line, is no real deal at all? It doesn't matter if the end result is the same. In fact, now we will have to go through this sick game all over again in December. McConnell therefore gets to extend his sadism upon the country and then the world in hopes that he can pull out that Ace of Spades at the moment of his choosing and his master Putin will be able to act fast, beat China to the wreckage and pick up whatever pieces are left. There's no other rational way to see it, unless you're in a state of willful denial. "Willful denial." That's another trait of the Washington politicos, but you already knew that, right?

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