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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Rolling Stones Drag Time Story Hour!

by Noah

While everybody is focused on whether or not the traitorous Orange Menace To Society is about to get indicted for any or all of his decades of criminal activities, I would hate for us to forget that his Republican supporters are still protesting against people dressing up in drag. On Monday, a bunch of typical GOP lunatics, many of them outside agitators from Long Island and hillbilly hellholes in New Jersey, managed to cobble together a limp protest against a drag time story hour here in NYC's East Village. They were, thankfully vastly outnumbered by sane people. The East Village! In all my life, I have never heard of Republicans making it to the East Village! They've always been too afraid. In my day, guys like me, with long hair, paisley ties, and bell bottom jeans, and plenty of 'tude were enough to frighten the conservative element, but hey, the times they are a changing so I guess the idea of children being read to by someone in drag is just a bridge or tunnel way too far.

Anyway, the picture of the dragged up Rolling Stones you see above is indeed from 1966. It's the 45 picture sleeve for their hit "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby (Standing In The Shadow)," a single that came with a fantastic non-LP B-Side called "Who's Driving Your Plane." Clearly, in the case of Republicans, no one is.

So, the next time you encounter some typical hate filled Republican nutjob who professes to like the Rolling Stones or wants to see their upcoming tour, or you notice that some Republican goon who's running for office is using one of their songs for their rallies, you might want to send them the above picture. If you're lucky, you can even show it to them in person and watch the consternation and revulsion wash over their stupid faces. "Fuck these people with a jackhammer," as I always say. Oh, yeah, you're right, sometimes I suggest a chainsaw.



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