Midnight Meme Of The Day! The RNC Trump Shopping Channel!

by Noah

At this point, it's sooo easy to imagine tonight's meme as an advertisement for a FOX "News" Shopping Channel. I can see it now! FNSC. Hosts will be "Ted" Cruz, Moscow Mitch, Gym Jordan, Crackers Graham, Kremlin Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Traitor Greene... and don't forget the special tweener hour with Matt Gaetz! Mitch will be selling judgeships, "Ted" will be selling "Ted's" Cruzes to Cancun! And Gym will have a line of very special shower soaps. Lindsey Graham? What else but a cozy line of perfumed Russian flag or Confederate flag slippers? Want a pair that features one of each? No problem!

But the real star of the new FNSC will be the very biggest star in the Nazi Party constellation of stars, none other than Dear Leader Traitor Don himself! The FNSC cameras will lovingly soft focus in on Dear Leader as he sells Trump Gold Mini-toilet Paperweights™, Stormy Daniels Leg Lamps™, fake Time Magazine covers, and auctions off thousands of our Top Secret documents to the highest bidders, and no, they don't have to be speaking English! All borders open!

Let's not forget RNC Chairtraitor Ronna Romney McDaniel, though! For a few extra bucks for her man Donnie's pockets, she will have him signing his line of Trump Top Secret Document Prints™ just like he signs bibles! Suitable for gold-ish framing of course!