Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Return Of The Dark Ages

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

I grew up knowing it was always bound to happen. The signs were always there but in humans, the learning gene is a weak one. Those who don't learn from history are doomed. Period. And, the definition of insanity...

So, here we are, happy days are here again, just look, 'round the corner. Thought police booths! DeSantis and Cruz always watching. No shortage of crucifixions mixed with GOP burning crosses brought to you nightly live on FOX by " guy" and a plethora of other corporate CEO monsters. A gay conversion machine in every public square! There'll be plenty of jobs in factories that make iron maidens! Fast food sellers will feature "Spicy Rat On A Stick!" and market it as "New! Genetically Improved!!!" The number one Broadway show will be "Wheel Of Torture!" and tickets will be nearly impossible to get. Never mind. Jeff Bezos will stream it to you from his orbiting penis rocket. Just give him your bank account. There'll be battalions of Rapist's Babies to fight our wars! Individual states will have their own HIMARS to launch shells across the border into the few states that still might permit abortions. The gop will be proposing government regulated sex. You'll need a permit! What kind of sex? With whom? Which positions? Sorry, there's only one! Everybody knows that! Contraception, you ask? Arrest that woman! Fire up the town witch oven! Gop dreams do come true!