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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Republican Party Is Now Officially A Mob Operation

Your Saturday Cartoon

by Noah

If that organization chart in today's cartoon looks to you like it's something from a bulletin board in the office of some Mafia investigation unit of the FBI, you wouldn't be far off. In fact, that's exactly what the RNC chart will look like now that The Diaper Don has put his daughter-in-law in charge of the Republican National Committee. A more sophisticated brand of election rigging on the way? More cash from foreign dictators? You betcha! Funny how the media doesn't mention that latter one at all. $6 Billion from Russia? No problem! See no evil! Orban came to Mar-a-Lago last week just for a quick dive in the pool? Sure! Another Saudi visit to Bedminster? You bet! Hey, everything's on the table. Everything's transactional. "Here Mr. Saudi King guy, have some more top secret stuff! Here, I'll even sign it." How much of the "foreign investment money" will go to the campaigns of Republican scum not named Donald J. Trump? You're guess is as good as mine but I can't wait 'til they all start bitching about not getting enough help from national headquarters. "Whaddaya mean I don't get money for yard signs?" Make your own with a crayon, douchebags!

So yeah, most of all, let the $$$$$ syphoning begin! You thought it was bad when Ronna Romney McDaniel was allegedly "allowing" the money of Republican donors to go for some of her man's legal bills? Now that Traitor Don is cash-strapped, we can all watch as the Trumps bleed the place dry and virtually all money that comes into the RNC flows to the rubber pockets of The ol' Orange Menace To Society himself. It's the Trump National Committee now, folks; gold sign above the gold-ish doors. The toilets in the restrooms? Do ya have to ask?


Whether you want to call Traitor Don the American Heussein, Orban, or Putin is up to you. They all efficiently hoovered up, in the case of Hussein, or, in the case of the other two, still hoover up whatever cash flows within striking distance. But, hey, let's be patriotic and choose an American mobster type for comparison. How about Vito Genovese? Lucky Luciano? Whatever, you take my meaning. The Republican Party, American Nazi Party, whatever you want to call it (all the same) is now going to fully be a mobster style organization and that's what it's always wanted to be anyway. Political parties always go through temptations and tendencies about these things but now just the right thug has come along. I'm almost half surprised that Ronna hasn't turned up headless, handless, and footless in a ditch somewhere and the only thing that's saved Moscow Mitch from ending up in a stinking car trunk being eaten by maggots is his friendship with Vlad. He can also consider his continued life as an award for so eagerly helping this all come about and, no doubt, he does and does so with that sick smile on his face. Relax Mitch. You were always a "good earner" and now you're one of the few that actually gets to live out your twisted excuse for a life in the comfort of the evil you have done



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