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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Republican Mein Kampf Is In Motion

by Noah

The Diaper Don may think he's being reinstated today. He isn't. But seriously, do not think for a second that Trump and his Nazi Party of cop killers, healthcare haters, and domestic terrorists will ever stop trying to overthrow what's left of our American democracy? As you read this, every Republican state legislature in the land is still feverishly plotting, writing, and passing new state laws that are designed to prevent citizens from voting, prevent votes from being counted, and overturn the results of elections when or if the result still turns out differently than what Republicans want. 2022 and 2024 will be here before you know it. The last election was 9 months ago and, thanks especially to Manchin and Sinema (the KKK's top reps in the Democratic Party), nothing has been done to even attempt to stop the Republican Mein Kampf from being implemented across this country. We are very much in the midst of a rolling, ongoing coup. As the saying goes; a failed coup attempt is just a trial run.

If this society (a very big if) had even an ounce of common sense left, every single MAGA traitor who took part in the 1/6 Reichstag moment, every single one, would be arrested, tried, convicted, and jailed for sedition at the least, if not treason. Anything less is a loud and clear message to try and try again. The goons of 1/6 were not Antifa and they were not tourists no matter how many times every republican you know of tells us that they were. "Tourists" don't come to the Capitol with a gallows and hunt for the targets of their hate. "Tourists" don't beat cops to death. "Tourists" don't bring slavery flags to the Capitol Building. "Tourists" don't sharpen flag poles into spears and beat people with the American flag. These people took their marching orders from Trump and his family, Giuliani, the body armor-wearing Mo Brooks, Fox "News," The Daily Caller, The Daily Stormer, Breitbart, Josh Hawley, "Ted" Cruz, AON, Ronna Romney McDaniel, Alex Jones and virtually any other high profile Nazi you can think of. They were rabid dog shock troops, nothing less.

Ideally, any judge, politician, law enforcement official, or media talking head who stands in the way of applying the fullest extent of the law towards the traitors should, by rights, be seen and treated at the very least as a subversive accomplice. To my mind, that would be the best way to make for-profit prisons profitable. Do I give a damn if these traitors and their supporters and enablers are crammed in ten to a cell or stuffed in cages like a bunch of children who were kidnapped when their parents presented their families for asylum? Nope. Not one bit. Instead we have traitors walking free. These people are the Benedict Arnolds, John Wilkes Booths, and Rosenbergs of this time. We used to have leaders, long ago, who knew better.

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