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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Republican Fear Of Salad Dressing!

by Noah Yup, as exemplified above by Michael Flynn, Republicans are in a tizzy about vaccines being put in our salad dressing. It's quite a fever dream! As you read this, chances are that any Republican you have the misfortune to know is telling both you and their friends that President Biden is putting COVID vaccine in salad dressing and, of course the same brainless loons will tell you Biden's putting alien DNA in there, too. So yeah, sooner or later, Flynn might just be hawking his own line of "vaccine-free" salad dressings. Expect Ivanka Trump to do the same. It is the way of things in 2021 America. Wasn't it enough that Kellyanne Conartist was telling us that Obama was using microwaves to spy on us? Nope, Not to them! What's next? Biden did a deal with Heinze to put vaccine and baby parts in the nation's ground beef supply? I'm old enough to remember when conservatives had their hair on fire about commies putting fluoride in our drinking water. This is the conservative brain at work. It has always been so. What we have to do now is convince these loons that Biden has put COVID vaccine in all their food. Then we can just watch them all starve themselves to death and roam about the country like the mindless zombies that they already are. Not to worry, they won't eat us. We can just show them our vaccination cards and they'll back away. It'll be like waving a cross at a vampire. How far does the mass hysteria, mass delusion, and complete insanity of the Republican Hive Mind go? The answer is obvious. The word is limitless. Trump, McQarthy, Michael Flynn, Moscow Mitch, Rudy, Marjorie Traitor Greene, Devin Nunes, anyone at FOX "News," AON, Newsmax, the Cyber Ninjas, The Pillow Nut, Sidney Powell, Mark Meadows, anyone who worked at the Trump White House, Gym Shower Jordan. Rona Romney McDaniel and her entire pro-Putin RNC apparatus... I could name over 70 Million nutjobs, with more oozing out of the woodwork by the minute. Endless maximum insanity. That's right. There's no end to it and there won't be. They'll just go on pushing their racism and protesting any attempts to save their lives and the lives of their children. They'll go on waving their beloved Confederate and Nazi flags. They'll go on trying to plant them in the halls of Congress. It's who they are. It's what they do and they are eager to prove it to you every minute of every day. If Trump, McQonnell and Q told them to march up a live volcano and jump in, they would gladly do it. One can only hope. We'll get on with our lives and we'll manage somehow.

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