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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Next Time A Republican Is President

by Noah

Safe Prediction: We hold this truth to be self-evident. If, in 2024, the Republican Party bothers to hold a series of primaries and debates involving their bottomless cesspool of potential candidates, they will all be climbing out of that pool and falling all over each other in a rush to promise that, if elected, they will nominate a white male to fill the very next Supreme Court vacancy. They know their voters! A love of beer will not be a litmus test qualification but, as always, misogyny will be. In addition, bonus points for racism will be granted on a sliding scale by the RNC to any nominated justice. We cannot hold the Republicans exclusively responsible for the racial makeup of the court's history but we can for now and in the near future. No African-American judges will be considered, at least not until Clarence Thomas dies and, let's just admit that such a consideration will be mightily discouraged in any event.

Naturally, if Traitor Don is the only "candidate," we will assume that the Republicans will go along with whatever total freak he comes up with. That includes complete nutjob lawyers like Rudy Giuliani, lawyers who sell themselves as shills for racism on FOX like Jonathan Turley, or, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, and Trump's sons Donnie Sniffles and Eric the Brainless. No, it won't be Ivanka, he has other plans for her.

One more thing; it has become very clear that the color of the robes worn by justices in a Trump President For Life term will be white, not black, with optional hoods.


1 Comment

Feb 03, 2022

when, not if, trump is elected to be fuhrer for life in 2024, there may be no more supreme court. but if there is, it's entirely possible that they may put more clarence thomases or amy coneheads on it. But only if they feel the need to impress anyone besides white men.

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