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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The New Republican Holiday

by Noah

We're proud of the work we did on January 6th!
-Flor-i-duh's Rep. Matt Gaetz

1/6 is now a Republican holiday. Had the GOP's terror attack on what's left of our democracy been successful, it 1/6 would be more than just a holiday, it would have been holy. As it was, on Thursday, not one Republican congressperson (other than Liz Cheney) or senator was in the Capitol Building to speak out against the attack that they encouraged, organized, raised money for and now cover up in a bond of omerta with Trump.

On 1/6, the GOP members of Congress took the day off. They didn't speak out against the terrorism of their white supremacist shock troops. Why would they? They have no decency at long last. Not even the murder and injuries motivated them. It isn't in them. Instead, they chose to lend their support to the cop killers and those who meant the same for Mike Pence, Speaker Pelosi, AOC and others. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Traitor Greene even went on Nazi Party planner Steve Bannon's podcast and recited the now classic Republican fairytale that all the mayhem was a hoax or a false flag event staged by the FBI. Gee, and here I thought the repugs were still claiming "Antifa did it." They know better, of course. Many of them were in on it, up to their necks in the planning. Just ask Bannon and Peter Navarro, or, better yet, just rewatch the Orange Menace To Society's speech that morning where he told his mob to go down to the Capitol and "fight like hell."

There were other "celebratory activities" held by various republican groups around the country. Among them was a shindig at the Missouri Capitol Building where republican legislators attended a bogus powerpoint presentation about how the election was stolen by everyone but aliens from Planet Zontar, but, don't worry, that one's coming, likely even before JFK Jr. returns from the dead at Dealey Plaza, at least in what's left of their typical GOP minds.

In Michigan, the Hillsdale County Republican Party sent out invitations for a fundraiser billed as an Insurrection Party! Sadly, the event's keynote speaker was unable to participate via Zoom because his lawyers advised against it since he's been arrested for his actions in Washington at the Capitol Building last year and they worry that it might make their client look bad.

Down in Mar-A-Lago, Flo-i-duh's apparently ill governor (the new Giuliani) showed up to grab some camera time and 300 or so Republican freaks showed up in their usual assortment of MAGA clown garb, followed by a Trump Truck Parade. Those interviewed eagerly spouted the usual republican conspiracy scripture. There isn't enough therapy and thorazine in the world that'll fix these people.

What about GOP Media? Well, here's a small sample: Over at the FOX "News" lunatic asylum, Putin's favorite Australian family, the Murdochs, spent the new Republican holiday featuring their usual large assortment of propellor beanie-wearing Republican spokeswackos who indulged themselves in endlessly chanting mantras about the red-hatted mob being the true patriots apparently for invading the Capitol Building to damage cherished art, defecate in the halls, and maim and kill whoever stood to protect the objects of their hate. Meanwhile, Breitbart declared the day to be "Democrat Hysteria Day" and the Neo-Nazi website called "The Gateway Pundit" spent the day with a special program of conspircy mongering designed to absolve Dear Leader Trump of any guilt whatsoever.

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