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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The New Criteria For Choosing A Candidate!

by Noah We can say what we want about any President, for now. Every politician has their minuses and pluses and has them to varying frustrating degrees but at least Joe Biden doesn't pass Israeli intelligence to the Russians and secrets of our submarine capabilities to suspect crackpot billionaires who then go on to meet with multiple foreign officials. And who knows what else Trump has done with our nation's most secret secrets to buy the love of Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, the Saudi Royals, and... Sadly it's come to this: We're so underevolved as a species that we've moved well beyond choosing the "lesser of two evils" and "nice guy to have a beer with" and it was bad enough that it had ever come to that low. "Lesser of two evils" is now sooo passé. Now, meet the new low. We've refined the choice. If you vote now, it's reached the point where the American people are no longer going to say "lesser of two evils" and check off their candidates. More and more of them will now look at their ballots and the deciding factors will be traitor or not traitor, insane or not insane, with a side of "I wonder how many gold bars this asshole has under his mattress." Of course, half of the country will go for "traitor and insane." They've proven that twice already.

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