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Midnight Meme of The Day! The Maskhole Chronicles #2.

by Noah Dear Maskhole, By the time you get to the point where inserting a tube down your throat, past your easily bruised vocal chords, and into your lungs, just so your body can continue breathing, your chances of survival are minimal. Hello darkness. Then there's the fact that in many areas of the country, the percentage of anti-vax Republican loons in the local population like you is so high that the limited number of ventilators and ICUs already in use probably means you're shit out of luck anyway. How does that refusal to get vaccinated look to you now? Some hoax, eh? Same with that refusal to wear a mask. Gee, maybe you shouldn't have listened to Tucker Carlson. You think he gives a flying fuck whether you live or die? It's bad enough that you didn't care about your own health, but the life of those around you? Oh, that's right, you're a Republican so you don't give a damn about other people anyway, and you certainly hated the whole idea of healthcare in the first place, so, welcome to your perfect world! You're dying in the world created by the orange-faced angel of death you voted for. In third world states like Mississippi and Idaho, hospitals have been forced to ration medical care for weeks now. Medical personnel there are in the unenviable position where they have to look you over and decide whether or not they have a good chance of saving your stupid Republican life or not. Too often, it's "No ventilator for you! Come back next life!" There's your stupid Death Panel right there! Way to go! When it gets to that point, I bet that your participation in local mask burning parties looks swell in hindsight, no? Well, actually the answer really is most likely no, as in no brains to begin with. Suck on a tube, maskhole! Better luck next time! Your pal, Noah



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