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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Latest GOP Cover Up!

by Noah

Never forget how the world got to the mess it is in today. We are at the brink of World War III because of years of the GOP encouraging and promoting their master Vladimir Putin's every move. Watching Republicans now engage in classic revisionist history by telling us they have always been for Ukraine and against Putin while they spoke up for him as they took his cash and his assistance in election campaigns is to witness how despicable and, yes, deplorable humans can be when we give them the chance to be their true selves. These are the worst among us. The years of Republican Party support for a man who is now one of history's worst madmen has now resulted in an entire country and its men, women, and children being pulverized. This is a party that claims to be pro-life.

The lesson is this: Believe that people are what they show you they are and what they say they are the first time, not when they start tap dancing around what they always did or said before in an effort to cover up their tracks.




"The lesson is this: Believe that people are what they show you they are"

good advice. should be followed... always.

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