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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Human Condition, American Style

by Noah

There are a few ways we got to this point but all of them involve pig ignorance, mental illness, and, too often both. You can break that down further to deliberately poor education, egomania, psychopathy, and a lack of critical thinking, plus the consumption of food, water, and air that does the opposite of nourishing the brain. Oh, and there's the onslaught of propaganda which finds millions of targets among the majority spongebrain class who are intellectually lazy and/or too busy just trying to make ends meet for themselves and their families to ever really pay attention. The propaganda even comes pre-mixed with advertising for chemical-filled food, mindless vacation getaways (?) and cars that have poisonous plastic molecules floating right off the sun-heated dashboard and into your lungs.

Ah, but I digress! Further details are for bores. Look at those whackjobs up above! They are the rotted fruits of America. I look at them and I see a propeller beanie on each of their heads. They are apt representations of our cash-sullied lowest common denominator approaches to politics. I should say, lowest common denominator, so far. I am he as you are (s)he and we are all together. Too few are ashamed. Too many are proud, way too proud. It will get worse because it always has. Because no one with the power ever even attempts to stop this inertia of doom. I call that Gerald Ford Syndrome but it has many names, millions of names, a whole damn country of names.

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