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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The GOP Turns The Confirmation Hearings Into One Big N-Word

by Noah

And one big very loud N-word at that, coated in gobs of misogyny. What started as FOX "News" demanding to see Judge Kitanji Brown Jackson's LSAT scores managed to go downhill even from that low point. This week's Judiciary Committee hearing crapshow wasn't just Republicans playing to their voters in the cheap seats. It was their essence.

It's so unwittingly perfect. An African-American woman as the nominee; the worst nightmare of virtually any Republican. Not only that but nearly all of the Republicans on the $enate Judiciary Committee are Confederates. Cruz, Hawley, Blackburn, Graham, Tillis, Kennedy, Cornyn, and, ironically a $enator named Cotton, Confederates who couldn't hide their rage which continually rose to the surface as they decided to use the confirmation hearings of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as a showcase of the worst of Washington and, by extension, the worst of America. For the Republican Party, the sight of a black woman an inch away from the court is a blasphemy. The fact that she is smarter and more civilized than all of them put together made the whole thing even more ludicrous. The republicans on the Judiciary Committee did everything but point at Judge KBJ and scream the N-Word that they no doubt use in their private moments. "Ted" Cruz, in fact, managed to all but officially turn the term CRT (Critical Race Theory) into an official Republican synonym for the N-Word as he vainly attempted to hang the whole concept on Judge KBJ as though it was her who invented the idea and the reason the books were written in the first place.

At the very beginning of the hearings, Lindsey Vapors Graham, in a typically bizarro attempt at pre-cover, bitched and whined that no matter what he and his fellow republicans had to say it would be interpreted as being racist. Yeah, ya think? When you think and speak in a racist language, that's what's going to happen. When being a racist is usually a qualification to join the GOP, what followed was completely predictable. Nice try, Lindsey but we see you and your colleagues for what you are. Try as you might at times, you can't hide it.

The worst among them, of course, was Cancun Teddy Cruz. Not satisfied to emulate a previous $enate asshole from Utah named Orrin Hatch, Cruz wanted to be sure that he maintained his status as the pride of Texas. Too damn dumb to sense the deep, multi-level irony, Teddy brought books for the show and tell. Hatch's whole career is best known for his waving a copy of The Exorcist in the face of Anita Hill when she was a nominee as if to say that she was possessed by demons. In Hill's case, even the majority of the Joe Biden chaired committee Democrats managed to ooze at least misogyny, too, but that was then and this is now. A different Teddy, a different Kennedy, sat on the committee back then.

Cruz's books (one was never going to be enough) were all about Critical Race Theory and he was all but foaming at the mouth with a spinning head as if he was the one who needed a visit from the local exorcist. Of course, Cruz probably is possessed. On and on he went about CRT and his comrades joined in just as they had when Cruz's traitor-bud Josh Hawley started in on wanting more details about child porn cases like the QANON nut that he is and trying to charge Judge KBJ with being soft on child pornography defendents as a part of trying to paint her as soft on crime in general, not to mention anti-police because well, you know, she's a, um, er, a black! Bingo! Cat out of the bag! "You know how they are!"

Oh, and Marsha Blackburn had something additional to throw into the fetid Republican stew. She had to express some good ol' southern hospitality homophobia. She wanted bonus points! She asked Judge KBJ if she could define what a woman is. Whatsamatter Marsha, got some insecurities?

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