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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The GOP Puts Its Racism On Steroids To Excite Its Voters!

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

It's been quite a couple of weeks when it comes to Republicans so openly displaying their inherent racism! But it's so simple really. Republican Party leadership knows what drives Republican voters to the polls. At election time, they just want to make extra sure that they're known for standing four square for racial oppression. So, out comes the mega magaphone of racism! They feel they have to be sure that they appeal to their voters and they know that their racism is at least as strong, if not more so, than their stand for the repression of women! For example, last weekend, there was Alabama (Say No More!) $enator Tommy Tuberville who launched into a classic Republican racist diatribe at a Nevada rally for fellow racists like Nevada $enate candidate Adam Laxalt and candidate for Nevada governor Joe Lombardo. The whole thing was hosted by "America's Top Racist" Donald Trump. Heeeerre's Tommy!

They want crime. They want crime because they want to take over what you got. They want to control what you have. They want reparations because they think the people that do the crime are owed that.

Hmmm, "the people that do the crime." Yeah, in Tuberville's little racist Alabamy brain, you know who that is! You bet the crowd went home inspired and happy!

Then there was the incident of Trump leading a rally for a North Carolina hillbilly goober in a suit named Ted Budd who's running for $enator against an African-American woman named Cheri Beasely. Trump lead the crowd into cheering the N-word. Republicans not only don't hide it anymore. They scream it out loud and goose stepping in the streets will be next.

Then there's the incident referred to in the above cartoon. It was a perfect happy storm for just about all Republicans. It involves Lizzo, a black woman, a woman who dares to be a classically trained musician, briefly playing a flute that once belonged to a man, President James Madison, who once owned 100 slaves and even brought some of them to the White House to work for him while he was president. Lizzo was invited to play the flute at a Washington, DC concert by the Librarian of Congress and that alone infuriated Republicans. Republicans across the country, seemingly led by GOP members of Congress, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, the rest of the KKK crowd at FOX, and every nazi pundit in the country went ballistic. How dare she even so much as look at Madison's flute, let alone touch it! One called it a "Humiliation Ritual." Another goon by the name of Matt Walsh said it was a desecration of American history. Walsh also referred to Lizzo playing the Madison flute as an affront to "our heritage and history." Yeah, Matt. Got it. Your heritage of slavery is affronted. Whatever. Remind me to pick up some dogshit with a Confederate flag and send you a photo. I'll even wrap a dead fish in the flag with the dogshit. Screw you and everyone like you.


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