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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The GOP & Putin: Shared Dreams Of Autocracy

by Noah "Can we give a round of applause for Russia!" -Republican America First Commentator Nick Fuentes as he introduced Marjorie Traitor Greene at last week's AFPAC to raucus chants of Putin's name. Now that we have so much hourly visual evidence as to why Republicans love Vladimir Putin, (Hint: It's all about constructing autocracy and his desire to inflict as much human misery and death upon humanity as he can.) I thought I'd post the cartoon above as a reminder of the 4 years of Comrade Trump openly encouraging Putin that got us, and, much more specifically Ukraine, to where we are today: Bombed Holocaust memorial, Bombed schools. Bombed apartments. Cluster bombed civilian targets... Women forced to give birth in subway tunnels! How's all that that for pro-life! 2 million refugees and counting. Oh, and let's not forget the bombed libraries. You wanna ban books, republicans? Count on Russia to show you the most efficiently brutal way! And you can bet sociopathic nut states like Texas are listening. Ah! But the piece de resistance! Shelling the largest nuclear power plant in Europe! Well, at least that last one is under control, for now. Look, I know there is always collateral damage in war, sometimes worse, but it's now 2022. In this day of ultra-precision targeting capability, nearly all of what we are seeing is a reflection of intent. What Russia and its madmen are doing has gone way beyond any insincere excuses about "collateral damage" and way into the rhelm of a state inflicted terrorism that would fill a mind like Dick Cheney's with jealousy. What else would you call the deliberate shelling of a nuke plant? And speaking of cartoons, it's cartoonish watching so many republicans trip all over themselves as they rush to the cameras and try to pretend that they never really liked their Russian benefactor. Trump himself, after working with his master Vlad for so long to try to eliminate NATO's defensive capabilities and threatening Ukraine's president with cancellation of weapons if he didn't manufacture some dirt on Hunter Biden, is now saying Putin is a bad, bad man. Sorry Traitor Don, we know where you and your kind really stand on this. You made it clear for years. That spot will not come out. We have quite a record of your years of praise of Putin and anyone with a brain knows that the first thousand things out of your mouths are the real you, so, give it a rest. We know where you and your entire Menace To Society Party really stand. The American Conservative movement has spoken. Here's your Comrade Carlson, your chief propagandist, just a few days ago in front of a national TV audience: "Why do I care what is going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia?! And I’m serious. Why do I care? Why shouldn’t I root for Russia? Which I am!" Yes, as he says, he's serious, which just makes his mincing, cloyingly insincere baby steps at taking it back a few days later even more pathetic. This is a sicko who would have said the same thing about what his Nazi friends were doing in Warsaw in the fall of 1940, "Why do I care? Why shouldn't I root for Germany? Which I am!"



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