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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The GOP Adds Kidnapping To Their Platform?

by Noah Some of the 50 or so migrants lured under false pretenses onto the planes hired by Florida's dirtbag Governor Ron DeSantis and, with the help of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and millions in taxpayer money, trafficked across state lines all the way from Texas to Martha's Vineyard were minors. Jeez, I almost have to ask if Matt Gaetz may have been involved.

Of course, most Republicans will try to tell you that it can't be called human trafficking since their victims weren't humans.

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Sep 21, 2022

nice meme. must be cathartic. I can see that.

but, as always, I must ask: Who LETS them add kidnapping (and interstate trafficking of abductees) to their platform?

And, since they are allowed, how long before murder is added to their official platform? And in your world, will that be the bridge too far, FINALLY?

that was a rhetorical question. no it won't be. They've already killed people at the border and at the capitol and in WI with impunity. the sound of crickets keeps getting louder.

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