Midnight Meme Of The Day! The God Of Gutterballs!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

All hail Republican Christianity! Look at them! A Death and Terror Cult! A true gutter religion! God hates humankind so much that he sent us Donald Trump and an endless array of demons like those pictured. But, damn, who can blame him?

I prayed to God. I said, "Dear God, It is I, Noah. I await your instructions!" After a very long wait, a booming voice came from the sky. The voice was furious! The voice was as loud as a 1000 megaton blast! The land shook! The roadkill along the highways became as whirlwinds of teeth, hooves, and blood-soaked fur! The oceans and rivers became tsunamis of plastic bottles, beer cans, paint cans, and shopping carts! The garbage bag trees were uprooted! The voice bellowed, "Why bother! Look what happened when I had you build that boat! Nothing changed for the better! Not one damn thing! You all deserve the demons I have sent! A pox on your planet! Behold the demons I have sent! They are my plague of plagues! They will orchestrate the death and destruction of all!"

Soon there will be nothing to say, no one to say it, and no one to hear it. The true blessed trinity of Republican Christianity, achieved and checked off. Apocalypso Facto.