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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The FBI Moved On Trump Like A Bitch...

by Noah

...or did they? Ever since the FBI's raid on Traitor Don's Mar-a-Lago B&B for golfers and spys, I've seen plenty of low IQ types in the media asking why the FBI didn't raid the place sooner. That is the wrong question! It is such a wrong question that it verges on being an outtake scene from Idiocracy.

Some people will say that the FBI didn't move sooner because they hadn't been instructed to. Others will point out that many requests and at least one subpoena for the return of the stolen documents had been made over a nearly 18 month period and they will also point to the National Archives descending on Traitor Don's garish crib and retrieving 15 boxes and it had taken them a while, I'd say way, way too long, to determine that government documents had been looted. As far as I'm concerned, none of those excuses hold water.

I do get that a witness, someone close to Trump (Meadows? Jared? A patriotic house staffer?), apparently only recently came forward to provide info that there was other stuff to be found and give info as to where. I also get that there might have already been much time consuming investigation going on, but, whatever the case, there was way too much patience and way too much time given to Traitor Don to flush things down his dolden toilets, feed them to the gators in his ponds, sell them, or just burn them.

Were the purloined documents payment for services rendered in the form of helping Traitor Don in 2016? After all, on practically his first day in office, Traitor Don invited Russian diplomatic/intelligence people right into the oval office and handed them Top Secret Israeli intelligence and even released official "in your face" photos of the damn meeting.

The simple fact is that, if he wasn't, Traitor Don should have been under espionage investigation throughout every minute of every day of the entire four years of his term in office, not to mention well before then and ever since he left office. The same goes for any $enator who did not vote to remove him from office. The way I see the world, this is a manifestation of people always living in denial and being so naive and trusting of others that they drift through life thinking that humans are essentially good and operate under the impression that "no one would ever do such a bad thing" even when they can see it with their own eyes if they chose to. There is nothing at all good about the favorite president of the Saudi royals and Vladimir Putin, not one single cell of good character or human decency.

So, did the FBI move on Trump like a bitch? Hardly. Instead, what we got was that the FBI, in the form of James Comey, moved like a bitch on Hillary Clinton, Traitor Don Trump's opponent, and they did so a week before the 2016 election after key Trump Consigliere Rudy Giuliani had promised that "something big" was about to happen that would change the election.

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