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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Driving Forces Of The GOP

by Noah

And think of all those kids at Columbine, Marjorie Stoneham, Virginia Tech, and other places who would now be adults leading productive lives. Some of them would be parents by now; lives terminated and children not even conceived because of sociopaths and psychopaths like Moscow Mitch McConnell and His Merry Band Of Nazi Serial Killers who smirk and call themselves pro life. They're political vermin who might have done something to make things harder for mass shooters but didn't because "Hey, the money's too good."

We have a perverted system of government where, every time there's a mass shooting in a school, more money flows straight into the custom designed oversized pockets of our politicians. You know which ones they are. They're the ones who loudly claim to be "Pro Life." They're the ones who genuinely think that, once a fetus is born, it's fair game. It's way too easy to imagine GOPers sitting around in their offices hoping for another mass shooting of any kind anytime their campaign coffers look a little low. It's always "Gee, a nice Russian ruble-backed check from our buddies at the NRA would be mighty nice about right now!" It's who they are. Do you honestly think a party of miscreants who see incest and rape as just an "inconvenience" or, if it happens to their own daughters, they "should just lie back and enjoy it" gives a damn about a classroom of 6 year olds being gunned down? No. How can you when they've shown us time and time again what they are and where they stand?

Pro life? Really? The likes of "Ted" Cruz, Mittens Romney, Susan Collins, or that cheerleader of cop killers Josh Hawley, pro life? Those must be some serious drugs you're taking if you buy into that bullshit. And, over in the House, just look at who's the apple of Minority Leader Kremlin Kevin's eyeballs; none other than star GOP up and comer Marjorie Traitor Greene, the second most popular republican in the country next to Trump, who made herself a Republican hero by hounding and taunting Parkland survivor David Hogg in the street.

Republicans, pro life? Not a chance. Death, bigotry, power over women, human misery. It's all what amounts to their driving force. If it hurts people and ruins lives, they're all for it. It's the reason they get up in the morning. Damn, the next thing you know, they'll be doing everything they can to spread a pandemic to as many Americans as they possibly can. Don't forget to burn your masks and inject some Lysol!

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