• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Biggest Freak Show Is Yet To Come

by Noah

It's more than just a Civil War when over 70,000,000 people in what's left of this country would still vote for a psychotic Putin-controlled puppet. Of course, if Trump does the world a favor and dies soon, the same 70,000,000 would just throw their vote to one of the many Tokyo Rose-style Putin propagandists at FOX "News" such as current Russia state media hero Tucker Carlson or one of the many criminally insane Republican politicians who babble their drooling nonsense at us every day.

Here's a thought: If Trump does make the world a better place by croaking his last sometime in the next miserable year or two, just imagine all of the usual Republican Party mutants pushing, shoving, mud-wrestling, and jumping all over each other to position themselves to take his place. You think it's grotesque and obscene now? Just wait 'til the likes of DeSantis, Greene, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Carlson, Haley, Noem, and Pence, etc, etc, feel no restraints at all.