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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Thanksgiving With Al Qaeda!

by Noah

Going to a Republican house for Thanksgiving today? Not me, that's for sure. When I see a house where Republicans live, I see a cave in Pakistan full of Al Qaeda. Terrorists can be dressed differently, even speak a different language, but terrorists are still terrorists. Their hearts are all the same. Republican or Al Qaeda? Kyle Rittenhouse or Osama bin Laden? Seen one terrorist, seen 'em all, right? Hell, Kyle Rittenhouse and Osama bin Laden both owned the same gun. Unfortunately, the good citizens of Kenosha didn't have Seal Team Six at their disposal. Instead, they had a bunch of suspect cops and the wrong people got killed.

The pro-life crowd is sure happy about their hero getting away with murder.

So, okay. Assuming you're some sort of foolish glutton for punishment and you go to a republican cave today, allow me to provide a sure-fire conversation starter, a sure-fire icebreaker. It's the question alluded to in the meme above. Go ahead. Ask a repug: What would they have done (or said) if Kyle Rittenhouse had killed a fetus? That sort of thing matters to them, or so they say. You can really drive them over the edge if you start discussing when a fetus might be "alive" or not. You could pose that as: At what point does a fetus transition to being "alive?" Be sure to use the word 'transition' since it will make a Republican extra queasy. Hell, they might lose their appetite. More turkey for you!!!

As you leave, be sure to tell them how much nicer today would have been if Kyle's brain cell-depleted mother had killed her fetus, in self defense of course.

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