• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Texas: A Conservative Movement Workshop

by Noah Texas, where a father can now impregnate his daughter and collect $10,000 if she tries to abort after 6 weeks. Well done Republicans! We've been waiting for a Republican civilian jobs program for 100 years and now we have one. It's the Be A Bounty Hunter Program! Funny thing how the Repugs always say they don't like the idea of government funded jobs programs but, when it comes to controlling women, their bodies, and their choices, suddenly their state governments are all about coming up with money to pay these Bounty Hunters! Your tax dollars at work, folks! It smacks of socialism if you ask me! Women's bodies are more regulated in this country than guns are, and, as tonight's meme says, republicans feel that a virus should have more reproductive rights than a woman. The goons of Texas are trying to lead the way in all sorts of things on behalf of the RNC at large. The policies, edicts, and beliefs of the Taliban controlled state of Texas not only encourage the spread of COVID-19 and its more lethal variants, the state now has a hotline that you can call if you see a woman entering a clinic that does abortions. At the same time, they do not have a dedicated hotline that you can call if you see some Republican loon entering a school carrying an AR-15. That is the conservative movement at work, folks. The way things are going in Texas, the terrorists in the state legislature, overseen by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and Dade Phelan, will supplement their package of egregiously un-American anti-voting laws by now decreeing a hotline for people to call if they see a non-Caucasian walking towards a voting place. Stopping any would-be black or brown voters from walking within 100 yards of a voting place is one of the main points of the Republican Party's national efforts of voter suppression legislation anyway and the Talibanistas of Texas are at the vanguard. As we already know, the goons of Texas (and every other MAGA state) have a sick Stalin-style plan for the counting of votes too. It's called legislating the overturning of elections after the fact if they don't like the result. Texas is a big experimental workshop where conservatives go to try out the most insane, anti-humanity and anti-democracy concepts they can come up with. It's only a matter of time before Republicans try to implement their "Bounty Hunter Solutions" plan for anything that gets in the way of their twisted ideas. I can see it now: If you so much as try to register "certain 'people'" to vote, they will offer their bounty hunter squads $10,000 to go after you. World history shows us that these things never stop at step one. Republicans, truly are the Domestic Terror Party and they will keep pushing their grotesque totalitarian agenda further and further. After all, they are true NAZIs at the core. This kind of stuff also leads to decrees that women must cover themselves from head to toe in a burka. Already, Flor-i-duh and South Dakota have announced that they plan to follow the example set by Taliban Texas with their own mega-MAGA anti-women legislation. It's spreading like a virus folks. Call it COVID-21. All of that Republican faux outrage about the poor women of Afghanistan now being under the thumb of Taliban rule kinda has a hollow ring to it now, doesn't it?

Additional Thought 1: The Supreme Court enabled the new Texas law and all of the multi-leveled shit that will follow in its wake. Never forget the heinous roles of slippery little worms named Susan Collins and Mitch McConnell in this situation. May they come to deeply regret getting what they wished for. In a better world... Additional Thought 2: Make a point of pissing off a conservative today by wishing them a Happy Labor Day. Be sure to double down on them in December by wishing them Happy Holidays.