• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Tennessee Repugs Go Full Creepy!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Recently, right in the midst of all these Republicans pointing their stubby fingers at Democrats and accusing them of pedophilia, Tennessee Republicans got caught trying to pass a state law that would have, among other things, made it legal for Tennesseans to marry child brides. Not that such things weren't already commonplace in Tennessee and neighboring states for centuries, but here in 2022, Tennessee Repugs wanted to make sure that marrying a 12 or 13 year old girl was A-OK under state law. You know, "Let's make it all nice and official like, heh, heh!"

The legalizing of child marriage wasn't even the main point of the bill. The law was designed to ensure that legal marriage was only available to straight couples and not all couples. No doubt, being able to marry little girls was just seen as a spiffy lascivious side benefit that some of the state's legislators tried to slip through. That's right, the bill was anti-gay but pro-pedophile. Fortunately, the attempt was discovered and thwarted, for now. Blame was even focused onto one man in particular, the interestingly named Tom Leatherwood, aka Rep. Tom Leatherwood, a prominent backer and sponsor of the bill. I guess he's spent a lot of time tanning his testiclas at Tucker Carlson's behest. Mr. Leatherwood and his party defenders now swear that legalizing child marriage was never the intent of the law. Sure guys, whatever you say. The bill advanced through the state legislature for weeks even with a public outcry from the state's few "liberals." Whether or not GOP favorites like Florida's Rep. Matt Gaetz and Alabama's former State Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore have made plans to move to Tennessee is unknown at this time.

Tennessee's Republicans plan to bring the bill back for debate in the next session of their legislature. Expect some amendments relating to sheep and goats.