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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Surprise! Another Republican Hitler Fan!

by Noah Critical Race Theory is an academic study that has the goal of thoroughly examining how our laws intersect with various issues of race and the lack of true equality in our society. In other words, how racism and racial assumptions have shaped our laws and social traditions and how those laws and social traditions preserve the status quo in the favor of the majority of the population, i.e. white folks. It's a movement of civil rights scholars and activists that dates back many decades but it has more recently risen to the attention of the larger public. As a result, Republicans are losing their shit over it and it's easy to see why. Certain words just drive them over the edge; words like academic, civil rights, scholars, and equality. It's like waving a bright red flag in front of a drug-impaired bull. Add in the fact that whites are rapidly becoming the minority and the whole thing is mighty scary to a certain element in today's ill world. As you can see in the above tweet, Kentucky-born former game show host, catheter pitchman, and dyed-in-the-wool Republican fanatic Chuck Woolery is one of the frightened and he apparently wants to be sure that we know he is a full-blown racist, anti-Semite, and Hitler fan. It's very revealing when a republican longs for the good old days of Hitler cracking down on Marxists (code for Jews) and the equality drive of "critical race theory." Woolery has been tweeting like mad about critical race theory which is also a current pet peeve of FOX "News" and the entire racist, anti-Semitic Republican party and propaganda apparatus. His tweets are a perfect illustration of a republican combining two separate bigotries into one message for maximum impact. It seems like it's only a matter of hours before some Nazi-Republican somewhere starts making and selling yellow Star Of David badges with the words "No To Critical Race Theory" emblazoned on them. Naturally, like most Republicans, Woolery is constantly linking critical race theory to "Jewish intellectuals," commies, pinkos, etc., etc. (see the additional tweet below) because, in their sick minds, that's supposed to convince us that respect and fairness for all is a bad thing. Already, republicans are marching out in front of TV cameras with their little porta-podiums draped in anti-Critical Race Theory slogans and fearfully wailing that it might become part of the standard curriculum in our nation's schools. To republicans, that appears to be as bad as teaching evolution. Republican legislatures in at least 20 states are now writing and passing laws to prevent such teaching of critical race theory thus proving that race and our laws do indeed influence each other. These actions are yet another example of the republican mind not having familiarity with the concept of irony. Think of those podiums, banners, and new laws as the new burning cross because when republicans are writing those laws and stepping up to those podiums, what is coming out of their pens and their mouths is exactly what any KKK member would say at a cross burning. Woolery, like so many others like him, is so obsessed that I think it's safe to say that he will at least be on the shortlist of those to be invited to speak at the RNC 2024 convention and at every CPAC get together between now and then. At the least, that is what he seems to be aiming for. I can see him going on speaking tours with the My Pillow freak, Sidney Sasquatch Powell, Kevin McQarthy, and, yes of course, leading white supremacist Tucker Tiki Torch Carlson who seems every bit as obsessed about critical race theory as Woolery on his nighty "Jews Will Not Replace Us" TV hour. Maybe Woolery is hoping for guest slots on AON and FOX, too. How about a run for Congress? Why not? A game show host would fit right in and he could sell a ton of Limited Edition MAGA Catheters to all those decrepit geezers! Of course, republicans just prefer people who piss in the halls of the Capitol like they did on 1/6. These goons are coming out of the Republican Nazi closet louder and prouder every damn day, letting us all know, as if we didn't know already, that Adolf Hitler is now and has always been right up there in their pantheon along with Vladimir Putin as a kind of spiritual guidance counselor. But wait! There's more!

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no surprise. the social stigma for open displays of hate are all gone now. as in germany in '33, it's policy now.

the parallels to nazi germany keep stacking up... and all we do is try to elect democraps who do... absolutely nothing.

we are surely headed for total collapse. and if we want to blame someone, look in the mirror.

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