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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Spreading The Plague For Fun & Profit!

by Noah Just after I put yesterday's Midnight Meme together and sent it on to Howie, an interesting bit of intriguing information landed in my inbox and it certainly pertains to what I was writing about. In fact, it directly pertains both to Ron DeSantis and to Rand Paul. We all know that politicians of any and all parties too often seem eager to do the bidding of their biggest donors. That's why I always say "campaign contribution" is just a synonym for "bribe." Why else do you think we stayed in Afghanistan for 20 years, 4 presidents and 2 parties ago, and 10 years after bin Laden was disposed of by the way. There was money to be made! And, I won't even get into the Iraq fiasco. I made plenty of comments about that back in the day. So, here we are in 2021 and psychopathic Ron DeathSantis is willfully spreading a plague that could end up killing us all if enough variants are allowed to breed in the bodies of the proudly and militantly unvaxxed. Forget about corrupt money killing people with munitions in far off lands that way too many of us simply lack the human decency and morality to give a damn about. It seems that Mr. DeSanticide has his own Get Rich Quick Plan and it's a scenario that involves plenty of serious illness, human misery, grief, and death for his constituents. It's also a lot cheaper to pull off. DeSantis might as well be a villain in a Batman movie. Here it is: Death-worshipping Republican voters all over the country like what they see in Mullah Ronnie and they've been sending him their cash this year, millions of it, in hopes that he will run for president in 2024. But, the largest donor in Mullah Ronnie's 2020 campaign was a person that goes by the name of Ken Griffin. Ol' Ken Boy is the founder and Dear Leader of Citadel, a very large investment company. Citadel has the second largest stake in Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Regeneron is a drug used in the treatment oc COVID-19 cases. If you go back to the link I provided in yesterday's post, Rand Paul and his wife are significantly invested in Gilead, a company that manufactures Remdesivir, another drug that is used to treat patients suffering from COVID-19 in our hospitals. Now, do you still wonder why people like $enator Paul and Mr. Desanticide are so vehemently anti-mask and so are openly promoting the spread of COVID-19 and its increasingly lethal variants? At the same time, DeSantis is promoting treatment using Reneronon and Paul and his wife are invested in Remdesivir. In other words, they're all about giving you the sickness and then selling you the cure when you didn't have to get that sick to begin with. The next question is, who else? There's money to be made in Florida, in Kentucky, and all over the United States of America. Why go all the way to Afghanistan to kill people when you can do the same right here in the good ol' USA? This is all about these two politicians and many others being homicidal maniacs and having the ambition of getting to the oval office where they can have the power to do even more evil. Follow the money. Follow the money with all of them, every $enator, every governor, every congresscretin. Then, watch them all protect each other and watch the joke of the American so-called "Justice system" let them off the hook while we get sick and die in the streets.

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