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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Sen. John Fetterman Speaks His Truth To The Idiocracy!

by Noah

Imagine that! An outspoken Democrat who gives back as good or better as he gets. Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is not the usual shrinking violet weenie baby that most Democratic Party politicians have sadly chosen to be of their own free will. Senator Fetterman isn't perfect but he's not some typical political assclown who goes along to get along like, say, Chucky Schumer does. Senator Fetterman doesn't go through life being too fearful of offending people who frankly deserve a fist in the face every minute of every hour of the day.

There's nothing cloying or obsequious about John Fetterman and, damn, the assholes of both parties just don't like that. Fuck their discomfort with the man! An honest opinion? Schock! Horror! I'm all in on the more in your face approach of Mr. Fetterman. Jagoffs are jagoffs. It's as simple as that. Tell it like it is! In fact, the offended parties are lucky it wasn't me. I would have greatly expanded on the theme. All this fucking diplomacy and the coddling of suit-wearing nazi filth has gotten society nowhere good and, franky, if Mr. Fetterman wants to add some brass knuckles to his hoodie and jewelry wardrobe, it'd be fine with me. He can wear a taser on his belt right on the Senate floor for all I care. I'd see it as a nice touch!

Funny how the typical Republican ape-people that surround us always swing down from their trees to tell us they love their Dear Leader Trumpenstein because he "speaks his mind," but when someone not of their klan speaks their mind at them, they get their satin knickers all in a twist. Their Great Orange Nazi Hope goes around wearing his ill-tailored, subway scented, padded shouldered, blue rubber suits with a garrish, way oversized red tie that has somehow missed getting stuck in machinery only due to humanity's bad luck and, yet, that's just fine with them. They'll lick his boots wherever he goes.

The armpit scratching, shit throwing ape-people don't mind their Gym Shower Jordan's lack of a jacket and tie and bad taste in shirts either. But, Senator Fettterman? How dare he! The ultimate pain Fetterman caused them just a few days ago was not when he wore the now infamous hoodie to a hearing but when, after frankly mentioning his own health issues and recovery, he suggested that both he and his fellow Senators might approach their work by asking themselves how they could all be more empathetic and sensitive to the health care needs of the people they represent. Republican $enators and their social media allies erupted in derision literally calling Fetterman a pussy but only after he left the room. I guess something about his tattoos and physically imposing 6 foot 8 inch frame made them think better of calling him anything derogatory to his face but there were apparently plenty of smirks and snickers. They see his having been treated for depression as a weakness when, in fact, his frankness about it, shows he's a billion times stronger than they'll ever be.

I've been to John Fetterman's home turf in swingstate Pennsylvania several times. That includes his hometown of Braddock (just outside of Pittsburgh) where he served as mayor and helped revive it from being the bombed out ex-steel industry town it had become. I've seen and heard those white working class people talk about being ignored by the Democratic Party they once supported but now resent. Senor Trumpanzee tapped into that and that's also how Senator Fetterman got elected which should be an eye-opener for the rest of his lazy, fear-laden Democratic Party. In fact, he may be soft on fracking for now, but he's Bernie-endorsed, strong on progressive issues such as marijuana legalization, Medicare, LGBTQ+ rights, and raising the minimum wage and none of that has hurt him and, when it comes to voters, neither has his outspokenness.


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Sep 25, 2023

Ironic given that he's a democrap and democraps have refused to "save" or even defend democracy since 1968.

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