• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! RNC Goes Full Cro-MAGA!!!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Just about everyone has a god or goddess of some kind. One of the current ones for the Republican Party is none other than Marjorie Traitor Greene. With that in mind, Republican Party Chairbozo Ronna Romney McDaniel is positively beaming about the new campaign for Georgia's Rep. Greene:

Among our candidates, Marjorie Traitor Greene is one of the Republican Party's real points of light and we've got a thousand of them! Here you see our stunning portrait of the pride of any cave in Georgia and, of course, our whole party. She is us and we are her and we are all together! The new campaign slogan "Jew Sky God Make Fire. Bad." is also something we can be proud of. Our research shows it is guaranteed to appeal to at least 92.5 percent of all Republicans by aiming straight to our party's core anti-Semitism! This is gold!

At press time, Rep. Traitor Greene was not available for coherent comment due to her ingestion of a pound of psilocybin mushrooms. Special Traitor Greene Cro-Maga hats will be available in limited quantities so place your order to the RNC now!