• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! RNC Chairman Vladimir Putin!

by Noah

RNC Chairman Vladimir Putin. Has a real ring to it, doesn't it. It's only a matter of time before it's announced as official. After all, the 2022 elections are coming and their boy Vlad has been contributing millions to the Republican Party coffers through his network of mobster oligarchs for years now.

Remember years ago when Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani used to go on Hannity seemingly every night, often just to extoll the wonderfulness of a Republican icon named Vladimir Putin? He would say such things to compare him to President Obama, saying that Putin "is a real leader." It wasn't long before the rest of FQX joined in and now Tucker Tiki Torch has joined in bigly. How long before all FQX "News" is broadcast in Russian to the world?

Fast forward to this week when we can see what Newsmax thinks of Vlad! "Vlad The Great" they call him. There he is right on the cover! Newsmax is one of the very top of current favorite go-to news outlets for Republicans. That goes for both Newsmax TV and, pictured, the latest monthly edition of Newsmax Magazine. Think of it as Time Magazine for traitors. Soon, Trump and the RNC will be selling this image on coffee mugs and T-shirts in one of their many grifting campaigns, message approved by Donald Trump of course.

Coming next year: Prepare to watch Moscow Mitch on TV advertising an issue of Newsmax with his face on the cover and ruble notes sticking out of his pockets.