• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republicans Worship Their God Of Crack!

by Noah

Damn! Larry Kudlow! Another one of Senor Trumpanzee's "Best People." Add him to the list of wingnut crack smokers! The stupidity and insanity from these Republican asswipes is an ever-growing tsunami of reeking toxic fetid goo. Does anyone out there even know a Republican that doesn't speak and act like they have a head full of brain tumors? I don't. I definitely don't. This is the end result of 150 years of mounting air and water pollution. This is the chickens coming home to roost. 2 and 3-headed ones. Now they think Biden is going to take meat off the shelves! Yes, humanity is getting stupider by the day but republicans are leading the charge. And, they're proud of it. If the aliens are even bothering to watch us anymore, at this rate they'll probably vaporize us by the end of the year. And who could blame them.

God! What a fucking parade of imbecillac nutballs! Carlson, Kudlow, Lindsey Lite Shoes, Newt Gingrich (Who the fuck calls themselves 'Newt'?), Moscow Mi-atch, the MyPillow goon, anyone who worked in the Trumpanzee White House, the horned Chewbacca with a spear freak, Catatonic Mike Pence, Rudy the Drip, Sydney "Kraken" Powell, Camp Auschwitz Guy, Ilsa Ingraham, those One America News-funded "Ninja Vote Counters" in Arizona, Gym Shower Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Louie Gohmert, Marjorie Taylor Whatsits Face, The KKK and a wide assortment of red hat-wearing domestic terrorist groups, Screamin' Jeanine Pirro, "Ted" "Fly Me To Cancun" Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, Adolf Hawley... Every damn, cursed day, it's another one!

Jeez! Yeesh!!! Kudlow doesn't even know how beer is made, how it's been made, and what it's been made from for at least the last, and apparently final, 10,000 years of human history. It's made from plants you total fuckhead!!! Hops and grain! Not meat. I bet even a dumb, drunk 2 amp brainiac like Judge I Like Beer knows that! God, they all think Biden is going to take away their blessed hamberders! And I thought it was absurd enough when they thought Obama was going to take away their guns! Now, the Repugs are telling everyone that Biden is coming for their meat. I bet Lindsey and Marco got all excited when they first heard that one!

As for me, I'm working on my new patriotic patented craft beer recipe made out of fermented hotdogs. Should be ready by the 4th of July and I'm gonna offer it free to all Republicans. Comes with a book of matches. Let the fireworks begin!

Yesterday we got the news that the Feds dropped by Rudy the Drip's house and seized all his electronic devices. Big effing deal. We're supposed to be impressed by that? We're supposed to think it means the Feds are serious about getting the goods on Rudy? C'mon!!! They should have done it 6 months ago at the least. They should have been doing it every 6 months for the last 6 years! They could have done it the day he was setting up his porta-podium outside of Four Seasons Landscaping! Rudy, demented as he is, is a former prosecutor. He had to know the Feds were going to pay him a visit eventually but what the Feds did was give him way more than enough time to get new phones, laptops and whatever else he needed to get before that knock on the door came. The Feds gave him "courtesy time." They gave him time to dump whatever devices he was using to communicate with our nation's adversaries in a river. What a farce. I bet they even let him keep his VHS porn collection, including the tapes Matt Gaetz probably sent him for Christmas. He's still got lots of white supremacist maga-hat friends in the FBI. No doubt he even got a tip as to what exact moment the black cars were going to pull up to his door.