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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republicans On Crack

by Noah Make no mistake, if Marjorie Taylor Greene's beliefs and statements were really any kind of aberration within the Republican Party infrastructure, she would be gone. If they were deemed offensive by her fellow Republicans, politicians and voters alike, she would be gone. She would be relegated to being some ranting crank in some town square or park in rural Georgia. Instead, she has a national platform. Yes, you can point to the fact that she no longer holds any positions on any Congressional committees but even a loon with a 2 amp brain like Greene knows that that is not important when it comes to being able to spread the message of the party. That is why she is still there and that is why she is still given a platform by those in charge of the party, from Trump, Ronna Romney McDaniel, Moscow Mitch McConnell, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on down. Greene is just saying what they all think. That is obvious in the vacancy of their actions and that is her purpose and her true assigned position in the party. Whenever you might hear some rare instance of a Repug like McCarthy saying he disagrees with Greene, that is for show. Just remember that talk is cheap. In a sense, we should assume that Greene's purpose within the Republican Party may even be why McCarthy and the rest of his White Nationalist caucus cynically relieved her of her committee responsibilities. It frees her up to more efficiently speak for them all. Do you doubt that? I don't. As evidence, just take a look at the words of McCarthy's reaction (below) when his soldiers in congress floated the idea of an America First (America First was the slogan of the 1930s KKK) or Anglo-Saxon caucus. Are you really naive enough to think the House Minority Leader didn't know it was coming? That he didn't know when some of his most prominent goons, Greene, Gosar, Gohmert, and Gaetz, were the most public face of the announcement? If you really believe that then you just aren't paying attention or your mind is fried. Here's McCarthy's tepid disclaimer when the announcement of the America First Caucus or what would be better named the White Americans First Caucus received the righteous backlash that it deserved. America is built on the idea that we are all created equal and success is earned through honest, hard work. It isn't built on identity, race or religion. The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln and the party for all Americans-- not nativist dog whistles. The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln? Since when? Before 1900? OK. This century? No way. Today's Republican Party is not the party of Lincoln. It is the party of those who killed Lincoln. It is the party of the slave-owning Confederacy, a confederacy that has now spread throughout the country like a deadly virus and has no borders. It is the party of Jefferson Davis, not Abraham Lincoln and McCarthy knows it. He talks about equality while he helps lead the republican charge to kill voting rights for black and brown Americans. He is a walking, talking definition of what it is to be a racist. Notice McCarthy's cynical choice of the word 'Nativist'. He was being cute and he was being dishonest. Honesty would have meant he would have used White Supremacist or White Nationalist but, no, he thought he could hide that. The milder 'nativist' is cheap code and sadly it has been picked up by the mainstream media who should know better. I'd almost have an ounce more of respect for McCarthy if he'd used the proper word or words. Party of Lincoln my ass. If it was, McCarthy would have led a movement to censure Marjorie Taylor Greene weeks ago and booted her back to Georgia. Instead, the Repugs allow her to spew her word vomit from the platform they have given her. Their permission is encouragement. It emboldens her. Oh, and, who do they want to censure? Rep. Maxine Waters, for having the temerity to encourage protests against racism, the very thing that drives the Republican Party. Maxine Waters, gee, I wonder why they would single her out.


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Apr 23, 2021

Good one.

"Just remember that talk is cheap."

yep. and it's just as cheap from democraps. just remember that.

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