• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republicans Lose Their Shit At Halftime!

by Noah

Hmmm, both women are lovely. Both are blonde. Both good at their own chosen occupation. What could the problem be?

I can say that, judging from right wing media commentary since Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show, Republicans have been weirdly focused on Mary J. Blige's thighs and not in just a sexist way. Also on the bill of the show were Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, and Kendrick Lamar. Why not? They're from L.A. The game was in L.A., so what's the big deal? There's more at play here. Oh, and the white dude took a knee at a football game. Oh no!!! And, for Christ's sake, it's about time that the NFL, whose teams feature player rosters that are 70% black, woke up to the existence of rap and hip hop. I mean 35 years too late or whatever, but, hey, better late than...

It was all so predictable. FOX "News" gave a signal of what was to come with their raised eyebrow comments back in September when the names of the entertainers were announced. Once again, their viewers had their marching orders. I got a personal preview of the Republican reaction on Saturday, the day before the game. Being a guy who collects records, I was out in New Jersey at a record show and overheard some Republicans fuming about how they were boycotting the Super Bowl because of the artists slated for the halftime show. With my own ears, I heard one MAGA goon growl out the words "That just ain't right, those people." She hesitated at the word people.

So yet another Republican Party freakout over race and this time it was directed oddly at the halftime entertainment for Sunday's NFL Super Bowl. I do say oddly because Republican people like to watch football just like lots of normal, more civil people do. But, they get upset about a damn football game? Sure they do. Mike Pence once went to a game just so he could make a scene of turning his back and walking out. They get upset when black players remove their helmets and take a knee to protest police wantonly killing people in neighborhoods much like the ones they grew up in, and, now, as of Sunday, when the halftime entertainment is more black than their tiny hate-filled minds can bear. Republicans lost their minds when they chose the Republican lifestyle if not before. Which came first? You decide. Meanwhile, here's total nutball nazi voice of Republicanism going on on Twitter about the big show:

The NFL is now the league of sexual anarchy. This halftime show should not be allowed on television.

"Sexual anarchy." That was Republican media oracle Charlie Kirk. One would gather that the overly shocked Kirk doesn't watch movies or TV that much. No 50 Shades Of Gray or Sex In The City for him! Maybe just old Lawrence Welk reruns and his fabulous collection of Mitch Miller shows on ancient VHS tapes. Ah, but throw race into the mix and Republican heads really explode like they did on Sunday! The sight of all those young black hotties gyrating to the music is too much for ya, ain't it Charlie. Mary J's thighs! All that black skin! It's, it's, it's... showing!!! Damn, all that glistening black skin! All that feverish vitality is bound to drive a republican straight up a wall. And white folks in the audience enjoying the show as well? Scary! Double scary!! Mommy! Mommy! Help!!!! What the fuck is it with Republicans and race and sexuality? To be a Republican is to be stone nuts and they've seized the opportunity to prove it yet again!!!