• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republicans = Lepers

by Noah

Permit me to be a bit mildly intolerant today. I know. I know! You're thinking, "But Noah, you're probably the most tolerant person in the world!"

Well, not today! These Republican assholes that walk around not caring if they infect anyone are no different than a bunch of Middle Eastern nutters firing off their machine guns in the air without a care. Those bullets gotta land somewhere. These Republican cretins walking around without a mask should be assumed to be diseased and treated like lepers. Put them in leper colonies on remote islands and just tell them we're giving them their own "gated community." They'll love it. But they have to be made responsible for their own care and feeding. No contact with the rest of us. No soiling our existence. If we treat COVID like a war enemy, they are traitors to our side.

Aw, what the hell. If they show up at a restaurant, just put a plastic bag over their head, tie it tight around the neck, and put 'em out on the curb.