Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republicans Feel Slapped In The Face? Okay!!!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Wow. It's been about 12 days now since President Biden announced his college loan debt forgiveness plan and the Republikooks are all still going on and on about "socialism" and "other people" getting a break and it's a pretty minor break at that. Imagine if Dark Brandon had come out with something more substantial. I wish he had, not only because it would put more money into the economy and help a ton of American citizens but it would be amusing to me to watch Republican heads amped up 'till they explode like a sequel to "Scanners."

The Republican reaction is pathetic and it's totally in keeping with the typical Republican mind's resentment that someone else might be getting something they're missing out on, especially if that something threatens the status quo of white power. Never mind that the same mental midgets were perfectly fine with their Trump/Ryan 2017 Tax Scam passing millions and billions of our money to the top 1%. Dare we throw their forgiven PPP loan scams, yacht write-offs, and continuous voting to subsidize oil companies in their faces?

Fuck these morons! I had college loans and I managed to pay them back way back when and I don't begrudge anyone getting even a partial break especially now in a time when college costs are insane. In fact, I think college should be free in this country and we could afford to make that happen if we for once stood up for ourselves and got rid of evils like the aforementioned 2017 Tax Scam which syphoned off over a trillion dollars of cash that could have served this country and its people a whole lot better. The beyond obscene amounts of money that little piece of legislative criminality has put in the grimey pockets of trash like Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Musk, just to name a few, could educate every child in America with enough money leftover to start terraforming another planet into Earth II before our civilization on this Earth burns to ashes. I'd like to see that every bit as I'd also like to see a small amount of the savings go to putting Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on a rack and left out to grill in the Mojave. Hmmm, vulture food!

Just imagine if modern day Republicans had been in the loaves and fishes crowd depicted in tonight's meme. You know they really would be bellyaching bigly if they brought their own martinis and someone else got a gratis olive. It's their nature. Being an observer of the twisted logic of the Republican mind tells me that those who pay for medications would consider it a major slap in the face if Jesus were to heal the sick, any of them at all, out of sheer goodness. Imagine how they'd be whining if ol' Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead but not Jesse Helms or Lester Maddox.