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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republicans Choose... Poorly

by Noah

Literally or figuratively, Republicans chose putting a knee on a neck over taking a knee in protest long ago. Long before the sadistic and arrogantly public murder of George Floyd, Republicans as a whole made sure that we knew where they stand on matters of police brutality towards African-Americans. They will always cheer it on and they will always condemn anyone who protests against it just as they did with Colin Kaepernick, the man who dared to take a knee to protest police who murder. Kaepernick dared to ask the country to live up to its ideals and make a better place for all of us. Republicans bitch and whine about "cancel culture" but they've always been masters of projection. Kaepernick got his whole stellar career cancelled in a supreme act of white supremacy and it is a cancellation that has been vigorously endorsed by those who run the National Football League and those who own the teams. They too chose the wrong side. Given what we know of the politics of most of the team owners, they did so eagerly. To date, Kaepernick, a star player who led his team into a Super Bowl, has not been hired to play another NFL game since the day he refused to stop protesting racism in America.

Even now, the majority of Republicans will either claim they aren't racists or, perhaps even more likely, openly embrace their racism with a smirk on their face, if not a knee on your neck. They even do so while taking away the right to vote in as many states as possible. Don't expect them to ever let up. It's all the essence of being a nazi.

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