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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republican Special Masters Of Cruelty!

by Noah

The Republican Party, ladies and gents, because cruelty is the point. It is their driving force. It is the reason Republicans get up in the morning. They've already told us they plan to sunset Social Security and Medicare. They do everything their primitive minds can think of to make it impossible for non-white people to participate in democracy because they not only hate non-white people but the idea of democracy itself. They now, after always chirping about the rights of individual states, want a national abortion ban. They've made a motto out of the words "Forced Birth." They see nothing wrong with the idea forcing 10 year old girls to bear babies their own fathers fathered. Like I said, cruelty. So, what Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis did to those migrants he flew to Martha's Vineyard was a natural. Republicans everywhere cheered. They not only cheered that he had been so cruel. They cheered because he had found a brand new way to be inhumane to our fellow humans. It's not like you really to know a ton more about such nazis.

If I wanted to say something snarky, I'd say it turns out that Ron DeSantis did those migrants a favor by luring them out of Texas and putting them on a plane to Martha's Vineyard, all at taxpayer expense of course. What a swell guy! Republican governance at its best! He got them far away from the gulf states to the relative safety of the northeast before category 4 Hurricane Ian hit land. Good on ya, Ron! But, think of all the Floridians who'd be safer right now, right this moment, if you'd done that for them at least as a means of temporary evacuation, or, maybe spent the money on helping to secure their safety. Instead, right now they are figuratively and literally without power and very possibly fighting off giant hungry pythons that have been displaced by flooding in their burrows and gators that want to set up home in the backyards that have become cozy lakes.

Lost in this whole thing, though, is why DeSantis had to go to Texas to fill up his magical mystery plane rides. The answer is that Florida had nowhere near enough migrants for his big publicity stunt. He could have driven the number of migrants available in Florida in one of his stretch limos and had room left over for a couple of foosball tables for the kids. As it is, the DeSantis stunt is a stunt that republicans around the country will always love him for. I've seen the bigoted reactions all over social media. DeSantis knows his audience just like any performance artist should. Anytime voters so inclined towards social terrorism think you're sticking it to "brown people," they'll love you for it and he knows it. So does Traitor Don who whined and complained that DeSantis had stolen his idea. Hey Donnie, lighten up. At least he didn't try to get them to drink bleach. At least not yet. He did do everything he could to increase the number of COVID cases just like you, though.

As an aside: I wonder if DeSantis ever thought about trying to use a sharpie to get Ian to miss Flor-i-duh. Nah, like any firmly committed nazi in the Republican Party's good standing, DeSantis, as I indicated, is determined to always find "new and innovative" ways to catapult human misery. You've got to give him credit, that uber-sadistic stunt of shipping migrants who had come to America to legally present themselves for asylum is really psychopathic! And to think, repugs always like to say, even if not one single cell in their body believes in it, that if people want to come to America should present themselves at the front door, not by trying to sneak over our borders. Never mind that the migrants DeSantis sadistically victimized did it the right way, by the book. He might as well have told future immigrants to attempt to sneak in illegally. How ironic!

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