• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republican Death-Dealing.

by Noah

The Domestic Terrorism Party does not want to ban their beloved assault rifles or regulate the purchasing of guns or ammo for those guns. That goes hand in hand with the Domestic Terrorism Party's stance against regulating the amounts of carcinogenic materials in our food, air, and water, and, if a death-dealing virus comes along, they're all for spreading it. Even 2 months into a new administration which has been taking corrective measures, due to the recent past efforts of the Domestic Terrorism Party to hinder vaccination effots while acting to spread COVID-19, most Americans have to wait on a list to get vaccinated but they can go get an assault rifle and extra 30 round clips with little or no questions asked while they wait and wait on that vaccination list. In the Domestic Terrorism Party's dream world, it's easier to shoot someone than get a shot.

Meanwhile, The Domestic Terrorism Party wants to regulate women's bodies and put more and more retricting regulations on which citizens can vote and which citizens cannot. Republicanism is a psychopathological mental illness. If you see this, say this. To remain silent is to acquiesce and set yourself up as their next victim.