Midnight Meme Of The Day! Rep. Jordan, How Do You Plead?

by Noah

Well, yeah, Gym Shower Jordan. It kinda does. I know. I know. You're thinkin' you're not all that different from soooo many of your colleagues when it comes to the hear no evil-see no evil game but, you've taken a risk, not a super big risk with the way Washington has always been, but a risk just the same that maybe some of them might see treason as crossing a line. Good luck with that Gym. It's not exactly like they'll think you've brought shame upon them. After all, it's hard to bring shame upon the shameless but, if they ever decide that your stench is more than their game can bear and survive... well, they might cut you loose, you know.

In the meantime, despite your protests and your refusal to talk, all you've done is make it look even more like you have much more to hide about your role in 1/6 than anyone ever thought. We all know you're bitterly disappointed your beloved Orange Menace To Society is no longer infesting the oval office. So sorry you put all your chips on him and pushed the pile to the center of the table, loser. I guess you'll just have to hope you get a republican president of some kind in 2024 that'll decide pardoning you isn't too much of a political liability, if we even still have politics by then. Funny how dictators start thinking that those who helped them at one time or another are no longer worth even acknowledging, though. I mean, why would a true strongman dictator type feel the need to pardon anyone at all, especially a little worm like you?

Here's a suggestion, Gym: Maybe you could pray to St. Gerald the Ford, the Republican patron saint of pardons. I suggest you go back to that shower room at Ohio State, get down on your knees, and just do it.