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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Remember When We Went After Terrorists?

by Noah

Let's get this straight from the get-go. Samuel Alito is now America's Number One Domestic Terrorist. He is terrorizing the majority of Amercain women, and, by extension, all of us. Now, a whole $enate full of idiots and establishment media hacks, including the Washington Post Editorial Board, are upset that protestors are showing up at the homes of "Supreme" Court judges that think they can hide behind their black robes just as $enators or Editors hide behind their titles. In doing so, they have joined in the harassment and intimidation of those who seek to preserve reproductive rights. What the hell did they expect? The privacy of judges who don't care about the privacy of citizens means nothing to me. And, no, I don't give a flying fuck about the sanctity of Brett Kavanaugh's driveway or the dandelions on some terrorist's lawn.

The arrogance of politicians and judges who think respect is given not earned is sociopathic. I know the battalion of twits known as the U.S. $enate has voted to spend more of our hard earned tax money to protect the terrorist Alito and his comrades on the so-called Supreme Court but really, why should I want my money going to protect a judge like Sam Alito who has attacked, threatened, and is terrorizing this country and its people? Would I want the $enate to vote for money to protect racist cops who shoot unarmed African-Americans? Would I want the $enatorial yahoos to vote money to protect Timothy McVeigh's relatives or the families of the Saudi knuckle draggers who flew the planes into the Pentagon and the WTC? Give me an effing break! The only $enate expenditure of my money that I would have accepted in this matter would be a vote for money to call in Seal Team Six and have them pay a visit to Alito's compound like they did with bin Laden. Too harsh? Fine, take the terrorist Alito to GITMO or, better yet, Rikers Island and assign him to the Jeffrey Epstein Suite.

The wife of one "justice," a misogynist bestiality porn freak named Clarence Thomas, was involved in the deadly attempted coup on 1/6 and he is an obvious ally and neither party even whispers of arresting her or removing him but, yeah, I know, as with lots of things, the Dems don't have the votes to do so, even if they actually wanted to. Samuel Alito? That fucker made his choice when he started moving to take away our rights and used medieval witch executioners and people who wrote laws that said it was OK for men to rape their wives to justify his "reasoning." Fuck that guy. He attacked every American whether he realizes it or not and I have zero doubt that he, being a blatantly obvious sociopath, knew exactly what he was doing. Alito's relationship with his wife must be as interesting as the one Clarence Thomas has with his. Protect their kind? With my money? Really? If you attack us, you should expect to be attacked in return and in kind. I'm half surprised that the $enate didn't pull another act of misdirection and vote for money to attack Iraq again instead of going after the real enemy. But hey, Washington does protect its own, you know.

So there you have it. In voting to protect a domestic terrorist and his comrades, the $enate chose to side against the American people and the Constitution they swore an oath to protect. That's it in a nutshell. That's it cutting to the chase. Is the $enate vote shocking? Nope. Do I really want someone to take a shot at Sam Alito? Nope, but he made his decision and has to live or die by it. His memo and the dark side he chose will be his legacy. Same for any miscreant in league with him.

The $enate has voted to protect the court from us instead of voting to protect us from the court.Now the question is how much of our money are the $enators are going to feel compelled to vote for protection of themselves.

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12 may 2022

State-sponsored terrorism.

Me gusta
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