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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Questions Guaranteed To Trip Up Republicans & Other Nazis

by Noah

Nikkki Haley has proved again that it doesn't take much to trip up a Republican when it comes to asking a simple question. She didn't want to offend Republican voters so both her and all the Republicans that will still vote for her despite or because of her failure of both morals and moral leadership will go down as a measure of the general idiocy of the world. 

With all that in mind, I thought it might be a swell thing to provide a beginners list of questions that are guaranteed to flummox Republican candidates and voters alike. I'm of course including the one that was just too much for Nikkki and her obviously not ready for primetime limitations. In fact, since it has inspired this post, I've put it at #1 on the list. #3 has already tripped up Ms. Nikkki. She claims that her darling Trump was "the right president for the right time." #2 got Ron DeSantis, Flor-i-duh's entrance in the contest. His answer was that slavery was beneficial to slaves. The examples of insane answers to the other questions are largely already too numerous to catalog but numbers 1 & 2 will quickly catch up as they become more frequently asked.

1. What was the Civil War fought over?

2. Was slavery bad for slaves? 

3. Was Trump a good president?

4. Who won the 2020 election for president?

5. Did the Republican Party attempt a coup on January 6, 2021 or was it just a tourist visit? 

6. Is climate change real?

7. What is your stance on mask mandates in cases of severe epidemics?

8. Vaccines or bleach? 

9. Is diverting money from a kids cancer charity into your family businesses wrong? Evil?

10. How often do windmills cause cancer and what types of cancer?

11. What is your position on abortion either when the fetus isn't viable and/or the woman's health is at risk?

12. What would you do for a $2,000,000,000 handout from the Saudis?

I have other questions of course, but, as I said up top, this is a beginners list. I believe less can be more when one seeks focus. I know I've left out anything to do with insider trading, stealing or selling government documents, guns, bribes, or immigration and I've left out personal questions such as "Have you ever had or paid for an abortion?" That one is an interesting question if the potential to prove a politician's hypocrisy comes with it. Likewise, I'd love to know if they'd invite "Ted" Cruz or Marjorie Traitor Greene into their homes without putting hay on the floor.


If Russia is permitted to significantly expand it's borders via war, what will deter Russia from attacking other countries? What will deter other countries like China from attempting to expand their boarders via war?


Jan 03

13. And why is it that democraps just can't seem to beat you guys?

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