• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Quarantine Georgia!

by Noah

We will not live in fear and we will not be controlled. We have a right to our future and a right to our freedom. We will come together and continue fighting white supremacy in all its forms. And make no mistake, when I say hate, I mean white supremacy. The closed-door signing of SC 2020 and the senseless murder of AAPI Georgians are both products of a white supremacist system. Different tactics, same goal: fear and control.

- Georgia State Representative Park Cannon, after being arrested for daring to knock on the door of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp's Plantation Room.

With the creation of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp's new completely un-American anti-Black Voter law, Georgia is now a rogue state. We have to forget about the fact that just a few months ago, Georgia elected Biden, Warnock and Ossoff. Under Georgia's new voting law, that Georgia no longer exists. This law is a modern day secession move, plain and simple. Get that through your heads and call it what it is! What happened just a few months ago cannot and will not happen again under the new law. That is, in fact, the whole purpose of Brian Kemp's new anti-democracy, anti-American legislation. This law and this governor are the stuff of banana republics. Too many foolish, naive democrats, people who wrongly believe that everyone of us is essentially good deep down inside and has better angels, want to talk this through but the very actions of the Georgia Nazi Party show that, without a doubt, they are no more interested in talking to Democrats than having Democrats voting. They do not believe in talking so we should not believe in indulging in such a pointless exercise when it comes to them. You can't meet people halfway when they keep backing up away from you while you're talking to them. There is no negotiating with terrorists. You can dress up a Taliban assclown like Kemp in a suit and tie but he's still a taliban assclown and he and his followers are hellbent on destroying the United States Of America every bit as much as the leaders of Georgia were in 1860 and as much as Trump still is. Be forewarned, Kemp may be even better at it.

Georgia has brought this hellish point in our nation's history on. It's time to put Georgia in quarantine. When Rep. Park Cannon knocked on the door to Brian Kemp's Plantation Room, she earned a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. What she got was Herr Kemp's state gestapo roughing her up, putting her in cuffs, and sending her to jail. That despicable action more than figuratively shoved every African-American not just in Georgia but in the entire country back to the back of the bus. Rep. Park Cannon is a national hero for standing up to Kemp and his bigoted cronies and should be seen as such.

So, what should be done with Georgia? Should it be ringed with U.S. Army troops like Grant did with Vicksburg or like Kennedy blockaded Cuba in 1962? No one gets in or out until the damn place decides to rejoin America and what America purports to stand for? To not take extremely harsh measures in reaction to what Georgia repugs have done would be to forever reveal that the idea and ideals of America truly were always a sham. I'd go for such a siege, but alas, we have no Grant or JFK this time. So, what's it gonna be? Whatever option is chosen should also go for any other state that follows in Georgia's footsteps. Bring these states to a slamming halt with general strikes if need be. Yes, unfortunately that will adversely affect the whole country in the short term. But, if we have to block up this country like that ship blocking up the Suez canal for a while, so be it. That would cause hardships all around but the alternative of longterm economic and existential slavery and the end of what's left of democracy is far worse.

Again, what's it gonna be? Probably nothing since people are too stupid to put down the smartphones that destract them like shiny ornaments and have replaced their brains and act. That's what totalitarians always count on. Mass boycotts? Listen, I'm rarely gung-ho for boycotts for the simple reason that workers get hurt temporarily, but, in this case the Georgia plan is to hurt workers permanently by removing what power they have on election days. So, yeah! Boycott away! Bigly! What Georgia and these other nazi-run banana republican states are doing isn't just voter suppression, it's vote negation. Period. Call that what it is, too! Republicans have long declared war on the U.S.A. and those who should do something about it are either oblivious to it or accessories to the crime.

I'm already beyond sick and tired of half-witted media people and soft, way, way too polite Democrats, with their misplaced civility bullcrap, concentrating on just the registration issues, reduced early voting, removal of dropboxes, fewer places to vote, and voting day problems in the new Georgia anti-Black Voting law while the provisions for what Herr Kemp's law enables after the votes are cast are even more threatening to the existence of this country. Again, this new law enables Herr Kemp and his goose-stepping toadies to simply ignore the vote tallies of whole precincts and counties (even if they are certified!) if the people in those precincts and counties didn't vote for the people he and his talibanistas wanted them to vote for. Yeah, even if or when you can somehow get your hands on a ballot to fill out, the new Georgia law says Kemp and his minions can just hold a cigarette lighter to it and make it disappear all nice and legal like.

What's it gonna be Georgia? What's it gonna be? The Major League Baseball Players Association is already discussing the righteous idea of moving this year's MLB All-Star Game and all connected activities from Atlanta where it was scheduled to be played this year. That is not nearly enough. It's time for corporations that base themselves in Georgia, corporations like Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, AFLAC, Home Depot, and UPS to stand up to this or show us exactly what their true colors seem to be. Unfortunately, the silence they have been showing to this point is deafening. The few statements any of them have made are vague and evasive to the point of being blatantly disingenuous and insultingly in your face. To them, not only do black lives not matter, American doesn't matter. They appear to have arrogantly chosen the side of fascism and racism. That's not at all surprising, especially in the case of Home Depot whose co-founder, multi-billionaire Bernie Macus, donated millions to the Trump campaigns for president. It's time to have that knock on Brian Kemp's door that the appropriately and wonderfully named Rep. Park Cannon did be the knock heard 'round the world. Or, as Walter White would say, we need to be the one who knocks.

In a far better world, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and his fellow white supremacists themselves the right to overturn legal elections and legal vote counts on top of the usual republican voter suppression tactics should be taken in chains to that plantation depicted in that picture in Kemp's office that he so cherishes. They should be forced to work in the fields around the clock 'til they drop. I'd make them wear their damn suits and ties until both they and their clothes were tattered and torn. Then I'd dress them in plastic trash bags. I would be the foreman with the whip, and, no, in a nice touch of irony and turning the tables, they would not be allowed so much as a bottle of water. In fact, I would make them wait in line for water in this summer's coming heat and pour it onto the ground right in front of them. Eat that red Georgia clay, Kemp. I said eat it, Nazi scumbag! Someone get me General Sherman's number.