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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Pfizer Offers Anti-Vaxxers A Hard Choice

by Noah

What will it take to get Republikook men to get a COVID vaccine shot? We all know how insecure they are. They show us every damn day, whether it's every time they speak or their open carry penis compensation fixations. Stabbing cops with flag polls? Making pipe bombs? Control of women's bodies? Billionaires designing their rockets to look like the cock of their dreams? It's all right there to be seen. Republican men, we know what ails you!

With all that said, I'm shocked that Pfizer hasn't already launched the product tonight's meme is talking about for real. They own the vaccine. They own Viagra. What the hell is keeping them? Combine the two! Each shot makes you immune to COVID and ED for 8 months! It's a marketing natural! Boosters available! Get Stormy Daniels to do the TV ads! Sell it to republicans as a way to make more republicans! Fall is here so add some pumpkin spice! Make it a real cocktail and add some Brawndo! It's got electrolytes!

Well, actually, I'm not shocked at all. I've worked at four different corporations. I've seen the lowest common denominator stupidity of the conference room first hand. It is cherished. It is worshiped.

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