• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Pervo Kavanaugh Tests Positive

by Noah

So, Judge Pervo Kavanaugh has tested positive for COVID. I gotta say that I have zero sympathy for the drunken, lying, crying little twerp. Do you think less of me for saying that? Ask me if I care. I'm just being real. No compromise. Try it some time. I wouldn't have any sympathy for Alito or Mr. Anti-Voting Rights himself, John Roberts, either. Such corrupt political hacks have no sympathy for "ordinary Americans" so they have no right to expect sympathy from any of us. To Hell with them.

I wonder if Kavanaugh woke up one day and realized he couldn't smell or taste his beer. It makes me smile to visualize the horror on his face as he adjusted and checked his MAGA Beer Hat to make sure the tubes were connected to the cans on each side. Panic time!

I bet he's now quarantining with Matt Gaetz and a couple of 16 year old girls. Godspeed you to Hell, Pervo Kavanaugh! Damn! If wishes were horses!