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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Paul Gosar Compares Himself To Hamilton

by Noah

Saturday Cartoon!

When a member uses his or her national platform to encourage violence, tragically, people listen.

-Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi, regarding Rep. Paul Gosar (KKK-AZ)

I'm happy that Speaker Pelosi moved to censure Minority Leader Kevin McQarthy's protege Paul Gosar but anything short of a straitjacket in a padded cell is too little. Paul Gosar, who called the events of 1/6 "awesome," is a threat to all of those around him. His own family considers him a traitor and wants him gone.

Just watch Paul Gosar speak. He's a ticking timebomb. And look at how almost every Republican in the House, all but literally less than a handful of Gosar's fellow congressional Repugs, endorsed violence and mayhem by rushing to his defense with their words and their votes, especially but in no way exclusively, the irredeemable McQarthy A-Team of Gym Shower Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Traitor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and, of course, Gosar's fellow Arizona congresscretins Andy Biggs, Debbie Lasko, and David Schweikert. The GOP vote of support for their colleague is nothing short of an endorsement designed to encourage murderous political violence in this country. Like I've said all year, the Republican Party is truly the Domestic Terror Party and proud of it. If you doubt that one bit, then you are a naive fool.

Gosar has been removed from his committee assignments. While that's nice, it will give him even more time to roam around the country and pal around with his white supremacist nazi associates such as Nick Fuentes. In additiotn to holding fundraising events for Gosar, Nick Fuentes describes Gosar as "hands down, the best congressman in America." For all we know right now, Gosar's new assignment from the aforementioned Minority Leader is to coordinate and increase party funding from Nazi outside groups.

Oh, and by the way, That cartoon call for violence that Gosar circulated was actually put together by his staff, the staff whose salaries we pay. You guessed it. Our taxpayer dollars paid for the work to make it.

Additional Thought: If there ever is to be a Broadway play based on the life of Paul Gosar ala the one about Alexander Hamilton as the above cartoon suggests, I would love to see Gosar and every character in it portrayed by an all African-American cast just like Hamilton. It just seems fitting. In fact, so would plays called Ingraham! and Tucker! And, of course, Hannity! and Trump!


1 opmerking

20 nov. 2021

this has been a big week in the formation of the reich. gosar got the wet noodle but is still a voting member. the baby reinhard heydrich, on video killing people, got off. He's now their hero. Give that guy his brown shirt with epaulets.

I'm smelling the enabling a bit sooner than I previously thought. When, not if, the nazis win the hou$e and $enate in a year, they actually could make der fuhrer $peaker... impeach biden and harris and install der fuhrer as president... for about a minute until he can be officially "enabled" by the nazi congress... or, of course, he could just declare martial law, after his cabal of militias start shooting blacks and chinese randomly…

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