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Midnight Meme Of The Day! One Party With COVID For All!

by Noah

Republican Talk Radio hosts, Conservative pastors, Voters who want a Nazi dictatorship, quack doctors, and republican politicians, mask burners, all willfully dying from COVID. They went from calling it a hoax to craving it! I call them COVID Kamikazes. It's like they get up everyday and ask themselves "How can I expose myself to the most virus spores today? I want them all! Mine! Mine! Mine!" Ah, Republicans! Always so greedy. They'd put COVID in a shower gel and shower with it if they could. They'd eagerly drink COVID Tea or sprinkle it on their food. Yep, the Republican Party is a Death Cult. Next up from the RNC, COVID Inhalers!

As I write this, I have just received news that Washington state Senator Doug Ericksen, the state's Trump campaign leader and, yes, anti-vax loon, has had his death wish granted. He's died of COVID at the relatively young age of 52. Tragically, he has left behind a wife and two daughters. The cost of following the sadistic leadership of Donnie Psycho but, yeah, he sure owned the Libs! Well done!

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