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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Oh Yeah, The GOP Is A Cult Alright...

by Noah

...and, in many places, early voting has already started. If you see something, say something? Hmmm, I wonder what this traitor's home looks like, both inside and out! I guess we'll never know until he blows something up.

Maybe, one day, after a GOP Reich breaks down in disgrace, there will be a special Museum Of Trump Cult Trucks And Cars. If they build it on a river or lake, they can have a Trump boat exhibit, too! Will there be re-enactments? There could also be a small theater that shows restored films of Trump rallies and public pronouncements of Trump and his followers called "Great Moments In Trumpspeak." There could also be showings of old interviews of his GOP Nazi followers, Newsmax and FOX "News" broadcasts and money for grants for doctoral students to study the era. How about a lab where future scientists can examine the brains of these people. Nah, feed their brains to sharks. They'll eat anything.

The thing is, though, human nature being what it is, society will eventually decide it could never happen again.

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