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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Oh, If Only I Was The Judge!

by Noah

Well, "I just want 11,780 votes" or the infamous phone call quote it satirizes is hardly "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country" but 74,000,000 Americans and the representatives they vote for have repeatedly shown us they are comfortable with being nazi sympathizers, emboldening their beloved Nazis or being actual full blown Nazis themselves. They have also repeatedly shown us that, given the choice between Jack Kennedy or Traitor Don, they will choose the latter every time. In their dreamworld, I have no doubt that Rupert Mordoch's News Corp would set up a "Nazi Gear Shopping Channel" where their viewers could buy swastika covfefe mugs and SS lapel pins and jewelry to fill their charred hearts desire.

Now as to those 11,780 days that the meme refers to: You no doubt can already guess, that paltry number of days would actually not be enough to please me, not even close. It's only a little bit more than 32 years and many of Traitor Don and his crew can't reasonably be expected to live that long but some might. For those who will, life without parole will suffice as long as the rest of that life is as miserable as the life they have earned. You have to know that all of the various defendants in the Traitor Don cases are spending a lot of time thinking about not only "How long might my sentence be?" and "How do I get out of this?" but "What if I don't, do I die in prison? Frankly, the only way to restore any amount of faith in our justice system is to make sure the defendants are actually convicted and do die in jail, and not like Jeffrey Epstein. Squalor would be a nice bonus but it ain't gonna happen that way.

Better yet, terroristas like to be martyrs so that can be arranged. People like Traitor Don and his cohorts traditionally used to meet the firing squad and I'm all for that kind of tradition! Making them martyrs will be better than letting them bleat out their traitorous poison from prison on social media all day. It will also be better than the parade of Nazi asswipes from FOX, CNN, and Newsmax broadcasting prison interviews with them every week. That we can expect, believe me. You know they're already planning that. Hello, Geraldo? Hello Sean? You think some obsequious assclown like Wolf Blitzer wouldn't rush to interview that goon he named America's Mayor? He'd do it on kneepads.

But, the important thing is that whatever amount of days the leading points of light in the Republican Party have left, a just world would assure that every second of every minute of those days would be filled with as much misery and physical and psychic pain as humanly possible. It's called karma. Damn! In my personal dreamworld, I know that I could be the instrument of that karma. I know that I could make that happen. If only.

But wait, there's more. I've told you readers before that I often check in on FOX "News" or FOX Goebbels or whatever you want to call it. I like to say that I do it so you don't have to but really, I just have it on in the background while I'm doing something else. I have it on right now. It's inspirational, always good for a quote from some lunatic that belongs in a home away from home, so let me tell you, it hasn't changed a bit since they canned Tucker Tiki Torch and lost the Dominion case to the tune of tens of millions, unfortunately not billions, that their insurance company, not them, will end up paying out if anyone even does. Anyway, right after the Georgia RICO indictments came down Monday night, the Diaper Don took to his "Truth" Social and, along with fellow members of the Ich Bin Nazi squad like Elise Stefanik, Lindsey Graham, and Kremlin Kevin, went on one of his party's patented "Witch Hunt" tirades. Diaper Boy closed with-

"Why didn't they indict 2.5 years ago? Because they wanted to do it right in the middle of my political campaign."

That caught my attention because what he said is, word for word, exactly what Putin's faves on FOX have been saying for a few months now. It's been a mantra there at least ever since Don Jr. used it there. It's also been showing up in a lot of the Republican Party emails that I get. Of course, as I alluded to in a Special Midday Meme on Tuesday, 2.5 years is not really suspicious to me. Frustrating, yes, and many of us, myself included, have complained about how long it's taken, but note Traitor Don's second sentence, the "middle of my campaign" one. The two sentence mantra has been incessantly spewed by the red hat mob for months. As one who likes to play with words, I can say it's really quite clever. Its use is intended to deflect from the crimes of the man (their man) they are defending by overlaying something else. It's don't look there, look here. They do that by presenting something else as a crime or nefarious reason; in this case, the timing of the indictments and the timing's effect against the chances of their ex-president guy and for the democrats guy. The funny thing is that this whole thing is better seen not as indicting the Nazi Party's Dear Leader during his campaign, but him running while under indictment and being so embraced by his party from bottom to top. He made his bed. They made their bed. He and the rest of the RNC and its infrastructure didn't think it all out. They should have known how long what they had themselves set in motion would take to resolve and it likely won't even be resolved completely by election day in 2024.

So, that's just how the really big cases go. In that sense, this stuff is not unlike many corporate malfeasance cases and certainly not unlike the Nixon-Watergate case as I mentioned Tuesday. You know what happened but proving it in a court of law with all the i's dotted and t's crossed takes a ton of work by a lot of people. Just finding out who the best witnesses are and getting them even to a deposition let alone testify in court takes a ton of time. The bigger and wider the case that needs to be built the longer it will take. In this instance, Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice dragged their feet out of fear (at best) but Fani Willis began her investigation the moment she took office and her first official move came just five weeks later on 2/11/21. The second House impeachment hearing officially began just two days after that. They worked while the DOJ stood effectively paralyzed. Willis never appeared to be taking any time off on the matter. She got her ducks in a row, brilliantly, but she knows there will be lots of obvious legal machinations coming from the other side. Through it all people will use the mantra Trump quoted because they have the same goal and they assume people are as stupid as they'll tell you they are or hope they are, at least in private.


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Aug 17, 2023

just because trump is despicable does not mean he doesn't have a point.

"The funny thing is that this whole thing is better seen not as indicting the Nazi Party's Dear Leader during his campaign, but him running while under indictment and being so embraced by his party from bottom to top."

As far as the docs/espionage thing, the delay does seem very suspicious. They let him skate for almost 2 years sending letters back and forth before they went in and got them. The archivist could have determined the nature of those docs using process of elimination within days or weeks of his stealing them (from DC!) The choice of venue is idiotic. And NOT demanding the judg…

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